Podia dizer muita coisa se houvesse muito coisa a dizer sobre este filme. Mas poupando as palavras tudo se resume a uma grande MERDA. SHIT. MERDE. SCHEIßE.
Ou como alguém já disse:

Don’t waste two hours of your life on this film, watch paint dry instead.
A failed epic in love with its own pornographic violence. There was no point to the violence as there was no point to the film.

This film was two hours of senseless, graphic violence half knit together by twenty minutes of real tangible plot. Gibson successfully reduced a fantastic, film-worthy culture down to a handful of barely substantial characters bludgeoning each other with sticks. The catharsis of viewing so many violent deaths left this viewer completely apathetic to the outcome of the film’s “edge of your seat” chase sequences as well as the fate of its main character. By and large one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I would say more, but this pitiful reel of Hollywood drivel just isn’t worth it. I want my money back – I want my time back – What was I thinking?…

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