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Excelente fotografia de Brian Smistek.

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I am a medical photographer for a five hospital system in N.Y. I began my photographic career after leaving the U.S. Army in 1971. I have since trained many junior and senior university students during their internships. I have written two textbook chapters concerning photographic techniques in evidence gathering of cases related to physically and sexually abused children. At the request of the Department of Justice, I have also authored a national police field guide on this subject. Photography, reading and travel are my passions. I also enjoy doing volunteer work for several charitable groups. I hope your interest in photography has rewarded you with priceless memories.

by Brian Smistek

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  1. Marquese Beauville
    Marquese Beauville says:

    I’m astounded, enthralled and in love with this marvelous example of a photographer who speaks with his eyes. Bravo Mr. Smistek

  2. Brian Smistek
    Brian Smistek says:

    Thabnk you so very much for your kindness and power of observation.

    The world is a wonderful place, especially when we take the time to study each other, rather than examining a group. When I photograph, my brain tells my eyes what to capture. :o)


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