mike stowe

Trabalho espectacular de Mike Stowe.
E segundo ele mesmo este trabalho serviu apenas para “Working my photoshop skills”.

Copyright by Mike Stowe

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  1. paulo brito
    paulo brito says:

    That would be great.


    From: Paulo Brito
    Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 1:17 PM
    To: Michael Stowe
    Subject: Permission

    Can I use the Birthday Suit photo on my personal blog? The post serves to show my appreciation for your work and contains a note of copyright and link to your portfolio.

    The link of the post is https://portaviii.barcelos.info/2008/02/27/mike-stowe/

    If the answer is a no the post and the image will be immediately removed. I hope, however, a positive response.


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