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Hazel Dooney is represented in many private and institutional collections in Australia and overseas and has exhibited in New York, Houston, Osaka, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Her writing on art has also been published, including essays in the prestigious Griffith REVIEW and The Australian Financial Review, and excerpts of her diary in Lino magazine.
Born in 1978, Hazel Dooney is one of Australia’s best-known young female artists. She first gained attention a decade ago with her large, graphic, highly structured, and accessible paintings produced mainly in enamel on canvas (and, later, on board).

The artist has a fetiche for shoes that implies, in her oppinion, some difficulty in drawing them, but clearly inexistent. “Each shoe I draw has be perfect”, says the artist. And nothing as an example.

Hazel Dooney, apart from liking good films as Nikita, Bladerunner and Apocalipse Now and having among her favourite books the Heart of Darkness, creates images of rare beauty. Kelly, The First Time is a set of works that shows a different approach to the sexuality already initiated in the series Venus in Hell. An artist to discover.

kelly, the first time

kelly, the first time

dangerous career babe: the wrestler | dangerous career babe: the surfer

Works copyright by Hazel Dooney

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  1. paulo brito
    paulo brito says:

    Dear Paul,

    My works are available to use for non-commercial purposes, providing they are not altered in any way, without permission, under creative commons.

    Go for it 🙂


    On 25/03/2008, at 8:46 AM, Dooney Studio wrote:
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    >> Subject: A post
    >> Hi,
    >> I’ve put on my personal blog a post about your work. Can I use some photos to ilustrate your work?
    >> The post have a copyright notice and a link to your portfolio.
    >> Check it out: https://portaviii.barcelos.info/2008/03/24/hazel-dooney/
    >> Thanks,
    >> Paulo Brito

  2. Rhiannon
    Rhiannon says:

    can i just say hazel you are won of the best artists i have studied.. im doing you as my contemporary artist in my Studio Arts course .. im in year 11… so i have to compare your work with a traditional artist… your work is awesome.. i love it 😀

    good work.. if you reply do u mind if u send it to my email… coz i wont remember this site.. thanks heaps..

    Rhiannon (mixie_016@hotmail.com)


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