it’s only poisonous if you ingest it

Os undead mostram mais uma vez grande imaginação e criaram uma galinha mutante que quando ingerida explode.
Uma foi usada para matar o Forest Ettin.

The Ettin are a race that seems to be some kind of beast resembling a cross between a giant and an ogre, living in Silverpine Forest and mountains around Gilneas and Redridge. One of these creatures came down looking for a snack, but was stopped by the worgen players. While another of these creatures was subdued by the Forsaken. Several of these giants wandered the hills of Redridge Mountains, one of them was subdued and used to lift a heavy bolder from Foreman Oslow. They – along with the ogres – seem to fight for the Twilight Hammer. One of the bosses in Grim Batol is an ettin that specializes in weaponry. They seem to favor swinging giant blunt weapons or hurling massive objects in combat. They seem to be related to gronn and ogres in many aspects.

via WoWWiki

Não saquei um ‘shot da explosão, mas tenho este com imensa piada.

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