a sereia de curitiba

29 Mar

It was very pleasant reading Rhys Hughes in Portuguese. The three first stories that comprise the book can be read in the ebook “The Mermaid Variations”; the remaining stories were a world exclusive for the Portuguese edition of “A Sereia de Curitiba” by the publisher Livros de Areia.

a sereia de curitiba

a sereia de curitiba

The translation by Safaa Dib is tasteful. The games that Rhys Hughes do with the words are not lost in the translation. In addition to this we have the drawings of Paulo Barros.

“A Sereia de Curitiba” is an edition of immense quality and it does not disappoint those who already like the author, and certainly will create more followers for those wishing to venture diving in the seas of Rhys Hughes – mermaids not included!

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