link arms with toads!

Whether you are a ghost, a robot or just an apeman, you can always link arms with toads!

rhys hughes

rhys hughes

I finished reading the book “Link Arms With Toads!” and I have nothing to say that has not already been said. I’m afraid to write that is an excellent book, when the book can just be super hyper mega or even absurdly good. Are complicated issues for which I have no answer.

I even drank a gin, followed by a coffee; eat a cake, three meatballs; then finished the brunch with a anise tea to stay with the ideas more clearer, but everything comes to this: the guy knows how to convince that he knows to write.

What makes me pose the question who is Rhys Hughes? Certainly an alien. Remotely akin to a lunatic. Which leads me to a conclusion. Everything he writes can only be understood through the silence of the goblin in charge of managing the parallel lines.

The photo placed on the right is the proof of everything I said – especially that red eye. But you must read the book because I can’t do better and the sun in conjunction with the comet MeMeMeMeMe U doesn’t help.

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