speculative thought of the day or how to win a conversation, version i

  • vi um pato em cima de uma pata, apesar de ter duas patas para usar. de repente trocou de pata e deixou a outra pata descansar. o sacana nunca usou as duas patas ao mesmo tempo – convencido!
  • when you’re sleepy try sleeping awake and the day will have 24 hours.
  • you want to be loved without compromises? buy a dog – some cookies settle any discussion…
  • if you want to know who you are get yourself in front of a mirror.
  • if you want to be sure of winning a discussion the best is not to begin one in first place.
  • se as hóstias fossem muffins eu ia todos os dias à missa; ou não.
  • never, ever complain in a restaurant the existence of a fly in our soup bowl; maybe beside us is a tax collector ready to write a fine for unreported capital gains.

from the perverse mind of paulo brito

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