twisthorn bellow

Portugal had a director who made a film to be displayed on any radio station. Wales has a writer able to write a book filled with special effects. As a reader of Twisthorn Bellow I had always the fear of being slurped into the book.

Twisthorn Bellow has wonderful characters, strange, intelligent and capable of deceive any great detective such as Sherlock Holmes or even a Sam Vimes.  However any resemblance to an Inspector Clouseau, a Jules Maigret, or a Vidocq is a sort of literary accident.

Twisthorn Bellow is full of music: simply turn any page. The book must have a headphone socket – a fault of the author.

With this book Rhys Hughes reveals the symptoms of a disease that allows him to create stories delusional, crazy, comical; he is a unusual guy I suppose.

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