the strange abnormalities of stringent, the last review

The last book by Rhys Hughes, “The Strange Abnormalities of Stringent”, is in fact a asset to any head. It’s like a fly in a soup plate – a new ingredient.

And, since, any powerful mind constantly needs a steady flow of knowledge to be free from the shackles of lethargy this book provides everything: action, adventure, mystery, suspense, twists, turns, science fiction, eroticism, dinosaurs. There is no program on the Discovery channel that provides so much information, misinformation, philosophy, metaphysics – ufa!

With “The Strange Abnormalities of Stringent” Rhys Hughes goes further and drags, so audacious, into the book the reader as part of the story in a way that has never been done.

after reading 125 pages of

after reading 125 pages of the book “the strange abnormalities of stringent”

This book even dares break the barriers of space-time; some times hugs, other times attacks the “hole argument”. Be aware, howsoever, that the book isn’t a hole but one whole!

This book:

  • improves the quality of your life;
  • gives you better mood;
  • is creamy and smooth;
  • provides more satisfaction than a ménage à trois, or in other words drinking beer by three;

Unfortunately we can not make a good stew with it, if it were possible it would be using the book to the maximum power of 0.99% (you see the use of the word “it” three times in a sentence!).

At last but not least Stringent absolutely declines any responsibility regarding any usage whatsoever that you may come across with.


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