sleepless knights by mark h. williams

When I asked Ian Martin if the book Sleepless Knights by Mark H. Williams was good he threw a “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! of course!” And since he’s the ultimate expression of impartiality I in bona fide bought the book.

Well, well… I should have suspected that three Yeah! were suspected. But since the guilt is always of the butler and never of Ian I begin reading the book. After I finished reading the first chapter I concluded that Ian was wrong: we need more that three Yeah! and the “of course!is nothing.

The book is really, but really, really good. It’s mega-super-addictive. A delusional story, full of action, humor. Memorable characters. And so well written.

I can not accept that the book just have miserable 400 pages. Sorry, but i must say yes to a sequel, a prequel or some other quel.

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