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bloody war by terry grimwood

26 Nov

Bloody War by Terry Grimwood, published by Eibonvale Press is a book with a dystopian, totally exciting and very well structured story. Terry Grimwood, creates from page to page one too real imaginary world. Is not a pleasant book, but since when is the war pleasing?

The main character, Pete Allman, leads us in his arms to a hell of doubt, turns, twists and turns and force us to think.

Bloody War is so well written, well structured, so brutal that it’s an insult compares it to 1984, only because “yes“.

Everyone should read this book; is bloody good!

the young dictator, one review

16 Nov

It is not possible to do a normal evaluation of a uncommon book. As such my opinion is not worried about having more than 1000 words or be in real time.
I will autopsy the book to the bone and giving scores for each point.
01. has a cover, but not a dust wrapper (score -10)
02. has a cover with pages to read. is annoying to have a cover with nothing inside (score +10)
03. the main character is a teenager who is not a vampire (score +20)
04. there is also a grandmother, this always gives the “family touch” (score +10)
05. there is action in outer space and beyond, I like it very much (score +10)
06. has many word games which requires to read with great attention, I’m afraid of having missed a pun and that annoys me (score -20)
07. the teenager Jenny is not only flat, but it is also perpendicular, parallel, and even had, as I read the book, a position up to 10%, all depended on my position on the bed, on the couch, on foot – this greatly values a character (score +10)
08. the fact that the book provide, for only $14.75 USD, 13.5 laughter, 23 giggles and a BIG laugh accompanied by sneezing with mucus, especially since it occurred while reading The Young Dictator at the train station of Barcelos; the people looked strangely at me, which is normal because at that time I was a stranger reading a strange book at a not strange train station (score +60)
09. the book has a glossary, I did not like to be left in doubt if I am an adult or an older teen (score -10)
10. and very important the book comes to THE END (score +20)


the young dictator

Total assessment 100. Not bad on a scale of 0 to 100, but not in one from 0 to 1000.

in a dark room & leaving a dark room

04 Nov

leaving a dark room

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