the young dictator, one review

It is not possible to do a normal evaluation of a uncommon book. As such my opinion is not worried about having more than 1000 words or be in real time.
I will autopsy the book to the bone and giving scores for each point.
01. has a cover, but not a dust wrapper (score -10)
02. has a cover with pages to read. is annoying to have a cover with nothing inside (score +10)
03. the main character is a teenager who is not a vampire (score +20)
04. there is also a grandmother, this always gives the “family touch” (score +10)
05. there is action in outer space and beyond, I like it very much (score +10)
06. has many word games which requires to read with great attention, I’m afraid of having missed a pun and that annoys me (score -20)
07. the teenager Jenny is not only flat, but it is also perpendicular, parallel, and even had, as I read the book, a position up to 10%, all depended on my position on the bed, on the couch, on foot – this greatly values a character (score +10)
08. the fact that the book provide, for only $14.75 USD, 13.5 laughter, 23 giggles and a BIG laugh accompanied by sneezing with mucus, especially since it occurred while reading The Young Dictator at the train station of Barcelos; the people looked strangely at me, which is normal because at that time I was a stranger reading a strange book at a not strange train station (score +60)
09. the book has a glossary, I did not like to be left in doubt if I am an adult or an older teen (score -10)
10. and very important the book comes to THE END (score +20)


the young dictator

Total assessment 100. Not bad on a scale of 0 to 100, but not in one from 0 to 1000.

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