the gloomy seahorse by rhys hughes

Arrived today. It will be read in the comfort of the bed.

the gloomy seahorse

the gloomy seahorse

Mais novidades para breve.

the gloomy seahorse

he escape!

update (22.02.2014):
I don’t really like poetry. Put differently, I like poetry, but it needs to be visceral or else unusual. Point. Paragraph.


Read the poems of Rhys Hughes was quite amusing because I discover a new Rhys Hughes and I could compare his creative progress in each poem.

I suppose that for the poet gather in the same book poems that are temporally distant from each other by more than 10 years has been a complicated task because the Rhys Hughes of today certainly wouldn’t write some of the ancient poems, or doing it they would be written differently – I praise his courage.

“The Gloomy Seahorse” is a book time capsule: in it we have a new/old Rhys Hughes fighting among themselves.

“The Gloomy Seahorse” is a collection of poems that are worth reading because they are a poetic reflection of a master who plays with words and has the luxury of offering in each poem a different flavor.

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