the were traveler: “shy heahrug”

The Were Traveler is an online webzine dedicated to really short fiction.
When I say really short fiction, I mean REALLY short.
Drabbles and micro-fic mostly, with the occasional flash piece or short story (up to 2ooo words) thrown in whenever I have time to read longer pieces.
What I’m looking for here is speculative fiction. It’s what I write, it’s what I enjoy reading. Fantasy, science fiction, horror and any combination of the three have a good chance of getting published here.

The Were Traveler

Tive aqui publicado o meu primeiro drabble.

rhys hughes

rhys hughes

Este drabble é a minha modesta homenagem ao espectacular Rhys Hughes.

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  1. paulo brito
    paulo brito says:

    Dear Mr. Brito;

    Thank you for sending in the drabble Shy Hearhrug. It’s a very unique and weird little drabble. I like it, so I’m accepting it for the issue.

    Look for the issue to go up around the 26th of this month. I will send everyone an email to let them know when it’s up for viewing.

    Maria Kelly, editor;
    The Were-Traveler


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