twisthorn bellow, edition by gloomy seahorse press

Some books are like blind dates – you don’t know what you will get. With “Twisthorn Bellow” by Rhys Hughes you will get no only a book, but also:

  1. a heart-pumping machine
  2. a object to kill spiders
  3. a fashion accessory – you will walk with style and you will show that you’re really intelligent even if it you are not: two in one
  4. an aphrodisiac – you will be the most desired to open the jar that no one else can open
  5. a good-looking object to decorate the coffee table

You must not forget that this book don’t need batteries to work and don’t have an expiration date.
Furthermore this book don’t try to solve the meaning of life or try to explain why the relationships are confusing? No. With this one you will get pure dynamite.


The most important: this book makes a great gift to you.

This new edition has some special characteristics:

#1 – The color of the font used in the title and in the Rhys Hughes name is red. Thus not only the title stands out from the rest of the cover but will also prove to be an omen of one of the peculiarities of the golem Twisthorn Bellow.

#2 – On the contents page we now have a drawing of Twisthorn Bellow and of his favorite weapon, Kpinga.

#3 – Both editions are dedicated to Jessica Poper and Philip José Farmer. The new edition have one more quote by Friedrich Nietzsche and the warning text is signed by the author; in the previous edition this doesn’t occur.

#4 – In the edition of 2010 there is the word Finis. The new edition don’t have the word Finis; instead it displays a drawing of the Kpinga.

#5 – In the new edition there is a list and a explanation of the monsters that fight Twisthorn Bellow. The back cover displays some real photos of the monsters.

#6 – In the new edition the bulleted lists are made with a smile 🙂

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