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oulipo pornobongo 3 anthology of erotic wordplay

28 Ago

The collection includes works by Maria Schurr, Paulo Brito, Tom La Farge, Lucy Selleck, Doug Skinner, Ellen Nations, Paul Forristal, and others.

I have a story in this anthology.

Below is a direct link to the order page for the issue.

yesterday i lay down on the couch

25 Ago

Yesterday I lay down on the sofa – lights off – and an idea jumped to the paper because I don’t want to forget the idea: lights on.

Lights off. A few seconds later, I went to draw some more lines. Lights on. I ended up for half an hour jumping off the sofa to the notebook and from the notebook to the sofa. Lights on/off – what obsession.

beau présent – second round

24 Ago

Since 08th August. I have try to publish a Beau Présent every single day.

18 – Rhys Hughes and Mark Lewis
19 – Jason E. Rolfe
20 – Mark Andresen
21 – nothing
22 – Adele Whittle
23 – nothing
24 – Hannah Frederika Lawson

I made others Beau Présents but they aren’t published on the site.

beau présent: hannah frederika lawson

24 Ago

The fifteenth (24.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Hannah Frederika Lawson.

No owl
no show.
No show
no loan.
No loan
no salon.
Oh, no!

Hanna? Hanna?
So… now?

A swan.
A lash.
A howl.
A halo.

Hanna now own
a owl, a show, a loan, a salon.
Oh, no!
So, so… now?

beau présent: adele whittle

24 Ago

The fourteenth (22.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Adele Whittle.

I wait
the late tide.
I wait
the white tail.

Adele Hi!
Hi! Adele.

halted awhile.

I tell
“The White Whale” tale.

Adele laid,
idle… awed.

The late dew tie Adele.
… wet Adele!
… lewd Adele!
I halted… the tale.

Adele waited.
I waited a wild idea…
I wail.

The late dew
led the tale lilt and
we lit the ideal idea.
A hell idea.
Ah, the heat!

beau présent: mark andresen

24 Ago

The thirteenth (20.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Mark Andresen.

A seaman and sand!
A sandman and sea!
Are Mark’s dreams.
Same dreams. Same dramas!
A dark, dense edema?

Sad! Sad!

Mark sees a reader,
a sneaks
and read… read.

Mark dreams a dream.
A masked Eden’s remake?
An arena,
a damask snake,
a naked drake,
Mark earned a ranked arena!

Mark’s a dear
Mark’s a masked dream maker.


beau présent: jason e. rolfe (a new one)

24 Ago

The twelfth (19.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Jason E. Rolfe.

a safe roof.
a real flare.
a feral señor.


See a saloon
near a lane
for roses?
See one rose?
See one rose?

Jason’s an Ares for
…fool foes.
…fear foes.

So Jason earns a floral sea.

beau présent: rhys hughes

19 Ago

lipoThe eleventh (18.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Rhys Hughes.

He’s shy…
He’s huge..
He’s grey…
He hugs her – ugh!

Hey!! Guess?
Yes! Yes!
He’s Rhys Hughes!!

beau présent: mark lewis

19 Ago

The tenth (18.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Mark Lewis.

We ask Mark:
‘Is a milk meal real lame?’
Mark leaks a smile
same as a lark.

We ask Mark:
‘Is an arkkkkkkkkk…’
Mark arms a laser.
Mark aims like a kaiser.

Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam!

We sail in a slime lake.
We see an island…
a realm…
a lair…
a maker.

We see…
as we sike:
Mark raise a warm smile.
Mark as Law!

beau présent – first round

19 Ago

Since 08th August. I have publish a Beau Présent every single day.

08 – Ian Towey
09 – Fiona Duffin
10 – Nina Vangerow
11 – Sissy Pantelis
12 – Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (Spanish version)
13 – Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (English version), Amira Ana Amyth and Kseniya Gomzjakova
14 – David Rix
15 – Garrett Cook and Gio Clairval
16 – Tseng Lan Hui
17 – Hugo Cardoso and Roshi Khji

I made others Beau Présents but they aren’t published on the site.

Time to another round – I think!!

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