beau présent: sissy pantelis

16 Ago

‘cause @LadyFii I create a Twitter account.
She find that an anagram of my name is equal to: Oulipo Brat

So I will post/tweet, just for fun, some Oulipo stuffs.

The fifth (11.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Sissy Pantelis.

I lay in a petals satin sea,
listen a pianist play a senility tale.

A tale easily paint in sepia:
an ape steals a siesta – a patsy sin.
an ape eats a planet – a nasty sin.
an ape snipes a saint – a saintly sin.
an ape slaps….

I spit in style: silent pitiless… pianist!
I say in style: eat salty pastels … pianist!
I slap in style: pay… pianist!

I spy in a petals satin sea,
an alien ape in a plane spin in style.

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