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Hi paulo,

Many thanks for submitting your flash fiction, which will be up and active on the site on the 30th December. We usually post some time around 12:00 GMT, 7:00 EST, for max blogging impact.

We tweet and post to facebook and google+ when your work is first published, but do feel free to use the share buttons at the bottom of your work’s page to connect with your own followers on these and other social networking sites.

Since you’ve had a flash fiction piece accepted, you’re very welcome to show off this fact on your own weblog or anywhere else you can paste html … Feel free to go to Featured Author Extras to pick up the code.

Since we do get a lot of submissions, we tend to operate on the principle of not accepting further submissions from a writer for a couple of months, just to give everybody a chance…

Flash Fiction Magazine

Uma história minha foi aceite para publicação no site Flash Fiction Magazine.

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