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a thread of truth by nina allan

27 Jan

After “The Silver Wind” I read the book “A Thread of Truth” also by Nina Allan (both published by Eibonvale Press), and I can’t get this book out of my head; but is normal that the stories by Nina Allan can affect the reader because she was a writing that’s dark, honest, emotional, brutal.

It was difficult to escaped the terrors of being a prisoner of a so well weaved stories, especially the last one – in short an astonishing book.

what the giants were saying by david rix

03 Jan

What the Giants Were Saying is accompanied here by the shorter work that inspired it, Red Fire, a piece that pushes the boundaries of extreme horror into a visionary and surreal world of love and pain, great white moths and tattooed skin, and above all, into the world of story itself.

What the Giants Were Saying, with a perfect set up and with a great structure, is a strange story about domination and guilty, about dreams and fear, about pain, about hell and anguish, about refuge: no salvation, no cure. What the Giants Were Saying is a trip in your mind. Is deep, complex and multi-layered. Lots to take in, lots to read again and enjoy.

David Rix takes things to the extreme. It’s delightful how the story constantly establishes new points without ever getting monotonous. It gets hard to believe that the ending will be able to explain everything and I start speculate about that there can only be one possible conclusion for all the events – no conclusion at all.

To me the biggest achievement of the book is, that it’s never creepy just for the sake of freaking the reader out; every line has its purpose. Nonetheless, it is a very disturbing, but also compelling and mesmerized, book.

revista minatura #140

02 Jan

Terei a minha história – do not kill in our backyard – publicada na revista miNatura #140 (2015) sobre o tema Space Western.

A história original tem muito mais do que 25 linhas e espero brevemente a publicar, aqui, no blog. Necessito apenas de afinar umas linhas.

A capa desta edição é da responsabilidade de Miguel Gámez Cuevas/ MarsHopper

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