sylvow by douglas thompson

I write this review after rereading the book on telegram mode.

If at the turn of the millennium technology started to get better and better the human race also learn to use it without worrying to live in symbiosis with nature. Why to worry about nature if with our intelligence we can overcome nature, right? We see nature more as a powerful rival than an ally.

Some of the premises of Sylvow are based (or maybe not) on this idea, but the overall text’s semiotics are remarkably more significant and complex; Sylvow goes beyond… and is terrific and simply breathless the whole time.

Sylvow is a meaningful and thought-provoking book. Right from the start, I knew this was going to be a sur(real) book, and my opinion was not changed throughout the reading. It delivers such a strong message of fear, survival, hope and love, that leaves your mind devoted to thinking about it for a long while after. It made me think about all my creature comforts, and what is actually necessary in life.

Well done, Douglas Thompson!

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