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28 Jun

Como sempre tiro fotos, mas nunca sei o nome das flores.

revista digital minatura, nº 144 (capa)

26 Jun

Esta é a excelente capa da Revista Digital miNatura n.º 144 sobre o tema Diabo. As capas continuam a ser realmente deslumbrantes.

Espero ir a tempo de ter publicada uma história neste número. Terminei a história hoje, que iniciei ontem. Agora só preciso até ao dia 28 ter as traduções feitas e aguardar pela aceitação.

the wanderer de timothy j. jarvis

24 Jun

After obscure author of strange stories, Simon Peterkin, vanishes in bizarre circumstances, a typescript, of a text entitled, ‘The Wanderer’, is found in his flat. ‘The Wanderer’ is a weird document. On a dying Earth, in the far-flung future, a man, an immortal, types the tale of his aeon-long life as prey, as a hunted man; he tells of his quitting the Himalayas, his sanctuary for thousands of years, to return to his birthplace, London, to write the memoirs; and writes, also, of the night he learned he was cursed with life without cease, an evening in a pub in that city, early in the twenty-first century, a gathering to tell of eldritch experiences undergone. Is ‘The Wanderer’ a fiction, perhaps Peterkin’s last novel, or something far stranger? Perhaps more ‘account’ than ‘story’?

The Wanderer is the first novel by Timothy J. Jarvis and published by Perfect Edge (2014).

This is will be another real-time review thanks to Des Lewis.

the messiah of the mannequins

21 Jun

The Messiah of the Mannequins is the 605th story by Rhys Hughes, of The 1,000 Story Cycle, written in 2011. The story was published in the anthology This Hermetic Legislature: A Homage to Bruno Schulz (2012) by Ex Occidente Press.

I wasn’t feeling the very best today so when I got the chance to read a new story by Rhys Hughes who I’ve always adored I hope to say at last carpe diem.

I closed my ears to the outside noises and then I began the reading… The Messiah of the Mannequins is another wild, non-sense, fantastic, exhilarating tale from Rhys Hughes, a man capable of never fails to fascinate me. The story maybe isn’t real, but it sure is powerful…

The Messiah of the Mannequins is a story that people with an imagination will enjoy, but if you lost your capacity of dreaming you still can give it a try.

jogo de xadrez

20 Jun

Fui ameaçado pelo bispo por ter tomado a rainha com o cavalo. Sacrifiquei um peão para proteger o rei. O bispo não o excomungou e recuou para uma zona de conforto. Usei outro peão e promovi-o a rainha. O bispo inimigo juntou-se à torre, mas era tarde de mais. Com a rainha apoiada pelo cavalo matei o rei inimigo. Agora estou na dúvida se estive a jogar xadrez, a praticar magia ou a fazer política.

um pato?

14 Jun

No Parque de Barcelos.

coisa linda!

14 Jun

Um lindo exemplar.

chinelos vários

13 Jun

Vários chinelos. Chinelos vários.

mirrors in the deluge

13 Jun

A real-time review by Paulo Brito.

Mirrors in the Deluge is a collection of 32 unrelated stories that take elements from fantasy, science fiction, horror and other genres and give them a lateral shift. Like much of Rhys’ work these quirky tales between them encompass parody, pastiche and puns. The fun, as ever, starts with the title of each story – gently leading an unsuspecting reader into preconceived ideas and expectations; expectations that are soon spun around, turned on their head (or other extremities), and pushed in an unexpected direction. Thus, even a saunter through the contents page is already a hugely entertaining experience and one more akin to savouring the hors d’oeuvres of a grand banquet than consulting a list of shortcuts into a literary tome.
# quote from

Mirrors in the Deluge by Rhys Hughes” it was published by Elsewhen Press.

I soon will do a gastronomic review.

This is will be another real-time review thanks to Des Lewis.

terror tales of london edited by paul finch

07 Jun

A real-time review by Paulo Brito.

The city of London – whose gold-paved streets are lost in choking fog and echo to the trundling of plague-carts, whose twisting back alleys ring to cries of “Murder!”, whose awful tower is stained with the blood of princes and paupers alike.
The night stalker of Hammersmith
The brutal butchery of Holborn
The depraved spirit of Sydenham
The fallen angel of Dalston
The murder den of Notting Hill
The haunted sewer of Bermondsey
The red-eyed ghoul of Highgate
And many more chilling tales from Adam Nevill, Mark Morris, Christopher Fowler, Nina Allen, Nicholas Royle, and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

Terror Tales of London edited by Paul Finch” it was published by Gray Friar Press.

This is will be my fourth real-time review thanks to Des Lewis.

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