the messiah of the mannequins

21 Jun

The Messiah of the Mannequins is the 605th story by Rhys Hughes, of The 1,000 Story Cycle, written in 2011. The story was published in the anthology This Hermetic Legislature: A Homage to Bruno Schulz (2012) by Ex Occidente Press.

I wasn’t feeling the very best today so when I got the chance to read a new story by Rhys Hughes who I’ve always adored I hope to say at last carpe diem.

I closed my ears to the outside noises and then I began the reading… The Messiah of the Mannequins is another wild, non-sense, fantastic, exhilarating tale from Rhys Hughes, a man capable of never fails to fascinate me. The story maybe isn’t real, but it sure is powerful…

The Messiah of the Mannequins is a story that people with an imagination will enjoy, but if you lost your capacity of dreaming you still can give it a try.

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