black sunshine by alexander zelenyj

Without any 3D effects Black Sunshine, Alexander Zelenyj is a real joy; without knowing what is going to happen next helps keep the suspense (horror) level high.

  • the background event isn’t explained: it just happened, and it was sudden
  • it was through the perspectives/thoughts of the main character that I can try to figure something
  • there was no sudden discovery of a super solution that could solve the event(?)
  • it really made me think of how people might react in that situation

These are some of the added values of the book. The story has allegorical elements about society and family, humanness, about the knowing and foremost about the unknown. The book makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.
But the main achievement is that the book come with an “open story”: it leaves me with many unanswered questions.

It’s actually a book rather fascinating; very intelligent and thought-provoking.

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