a random interview to chris kelso

Chris Kelso is a spectacle to move the mind, soul, and heart. The books that I’ve read are filled with power.
His words are in many ways a bridge of hope to insanity.
And I’ve only read so far two books – shame on me.
Some words about the book “Schadenfreude”…

After reading so many books most of them do not provide any surprise.
Of course now I demand from a book much more than I required a few years ago. And it was spectacular that “Schadenfreude” by Chris Kelso has astonished me positively. It is a book that don’t leave me indifferent – one great good thing!

I’ve also read the anthology “Caledonia Dreamin’ – Strange Fiction of Scottish Descent” edited by Hal Duncan and Chris Kelso.

1. Do you have a specific writing style?
I think I’ve developed a certain ‘style’. It started with me at 18 trying to replicate my favourite prose stylists, writers with really unique and individual voices – like Burroughs, Acker, PKD and Hubert Selby Jr. There is some fix-up, some spare Carver-esque writing and some longwinded stuff. Usually the poetry of the piece will take precedence, I’ll likely revel in words more than plot or actual character expansion.
The more I read, and wrote, the more the narrative and its structure started to amalgamate all those influences and became something (maybe) unique itself.

the dissolving zinc theatre

2. What books have most influenced your life most?
There are so many. Paul Auster’s ‘New York Trilogy’, Alasdair Gray’s ‘Lanark’…anything from PKD, Simak, Solzhenitsyn, Acker or Plath. Seriously, too much stuff!

3. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
This is a good question. I suppose at university I had Stewart Home and Rodge Glass to bounce a few ideas off of and get useful feedback. Since then, I suppose people like Hal Duncan, Anna Tambour, Gio Clairval and Vincenzo Bilof have really taken me under their wing. Seb Doubinsky and Matt Bialer are always on hand to help me out and keep me on the right track too. I’m grateful to them all.

4. What are your current projects?
So many! I have a book ‘The Folger Variation’ due out through Leaky Boot Press’s ‘Weirdo Magnet’ imprint. It’s a much more traditional science fiction fare. Then it’s my horror/crime novel that Adam Millard is putting out. I’m really excited about that one because it’s such a deviation for me. It’s still bleak as fuck, but more accessibly bleak….

5. How much research do you do?
Hardly any. The majority of my fiction takes place in a 4th dimensional universe where humans work as slaves in mining enclaves all day. I might research a piece of machinery that I’m elaborating on, but very little else. It’s all up here (points to temple)

the folger variation

6. Do you write full-time or part-time?
Very much part-time. By day I work in a school library, which is actually very enjoyable. I love the school and it’s pretty satisfying. I think even if I could afford to write full-time I wouldn’t. I’m drying up a bit these days. I write a lot less than I used to. Maybe I’ve said everything I had to say?

7. Where do your ideas come from?
My own desperate misery. These days I’m much happier and positive – which might explain why I can’t write anything of note anymore!

8. How can readers discover more about you and you work?
They can visit my website at – http://www.chris-kelso.com
or add me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chris.kelso.75

For full Books list visit – BOOKSSSSSSS

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