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o galo e a rotunda da bolacha

29 Nov

Os rumores de que um galo irá aparecer na “Rotunda da Bolacha” já não são rumores, são uma realidade. Já se pode ver no local da antiga Fonte Cibernética um Ovo. Tudo aponta que o mesmo irá eclodir perto do dia 24 de Dezembro deste ano.

O Ovo já pode ser visto em tempo quase real via Google – maravilha!

Vozes discordantes já reclamam por o Ovo, aparentemente, ser órfão.

Barcelos, quanto a mim, está mais uma vez de parabéns.

full of cough

28 Nov

He walked with a box full of cough that he opened here and there. He could be many things, but he wasn’t a selfish person. At the end of the day he looked at the empty box with pride. He always fell asleep happy cradled by the cough that on the street was chanted in harmony.


28 Nov

Sinto saudades do tempo em que era um alienado e vivia exilado em sonhos LSD. Pode, até, nem ser saudade este sentimento que me envolve em nevoeiro. Pode ser, apenas, a melancolia da distraída ignorância.


27 Nov

Desenhos de leguminosas.


27 Nov

Shampoos to wash your head.
Perfumes to conceal your smell.
Foams to wipe your body.
Body lotions to soften your skin.
Nothing to clean your soul – you can run to the bathtub, but there is dirt that you will never purge.

histórias de vigaristas e canalhas

24 Nov

Esta antologia foi comprada depois de ler à bué de tempo o aviso de edição no blog Rascunhos; estava no cesto de compras em modo pausa.

Antologia da responsabilidade de George R. R. Martin e Gardner Dozois.

green and moon

20 Nov

As estrelas e o verde.

não adoro que ele entre em mim

19 Nov

Não adoro que ele entre em mim;
não adoro que se passeie em mim;
não adoro que se divirta em mim.
Ele? Ele adora entrar e sair de mim:
sem remorsos, sem moral.
Mas hoje decidi retomar a posse da chave para mim:
E, agora, adoro estar a come-lo pedaço a pedaço para dentro de mim.

red nightmare by sissy pantelis and danilo antoniucci

17 Nov

This opinion will not have an order, rather an orderly disorder.

Let’s see …

It’s not easy to make an acceptable “society” using animals that behave like humans. But the society of anthropomorphized animals created in Red Nightmare, by the perfect choice of species is an excellent “mirror” society. I can identify, in the facial expressions of animals/characters, the savagery, love, hatred, fatigue, perfidy, wisdom, fear, courage, revolt… The detail of the hyenas, the rabbit ghetto – perfect.

Danilo Antoniucci with a sturdy and musical trace created credible characters who transpired the good and the bad of humanity. If I have to choose a favorite character I point the finger at Night Wanderer: it’s the touch of humor in the story, the element that breaks the tension; the character that we envy for the freedom with which he flies for adventure.

Visually, Red Nightmare is a crazy, fun, colorful – wonderful trip.

The pages where the transition from the real world(?) to the dream world(?) occurs, are very well achieved – excellent color work.

The initial page is delicious: a towering castle, guards with an evil grin, a mother that wards off a child and the soliloquy of an anonymous actor deepens the text of the caption and so… the magic begins.

First, flip through the pages and see the images …
Second, read the text and see the images …
Third, read the pictures and see the text …
Reverse this order and mix everything up …

The text begins, from the very start, by embracing the images and soon on the fifth page we have the words ‘I can only help you see the future through me’ which will make the story take a magical leap into another more magical world – magic within magic, story within story; rabbit inside the magician’s hat. Text, image, special effects – kaboom!

Another kaboom and pause. Shock, surprise. Wow, what now?

And the words of Sissy Pantelis go along with the images and the images go along with the words without competition, in union. And the two elements well combined, oiled, offer the reader astonishment, pain, suspense, confusion …

‘CRI CRI CRI’ is fear to one and a surprise to the reader. ‘That’s … not good!’ is said – but it’s good, it’s, very good.

We have pages without text in which Sissy Pantelis boldly lets Danilo Antoniucci write with images; a wonderful writer who writes words in the silence of expressions, in the silence of moments. The reader is invited to think for himself, is gently pushed there, there, beyond.

And the story hurries, runs very fast and even flies (new inclusion of a story in the story – a bit of homage to another story, perhaps Peter, maybe Pan – I do not know!)

And when the artist and the writer finish without the consent of the reader, but with meaning, the story, I say:

You have got to be joking – it’s over?! How? And I begin to leaf through the book until, without any other solution, I place it there beside me on the shelf.


17 Nov

I wear clothes
made with fog rags
stitched with moonlight lines
and I dive into dream waves.

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