where are we going edited by allen ashley

11 Abr

Where Are We Going edited by Allen Ashley está a ser lido.

Vou comentar cada conto com o máximo de 10 palavras.

  • Dead Countries – Gary Budgen
  • A Faraway City – Joel Lane
  • The Way the World Works – Ian Sales
  • A Guide to Surviving Malabar – Ian Shoebridge
  • The Human Map – Andrew Hook
  • Journey to the Engine of the Earth – Terry Grimwood
  • The Discord of Being – Alison J. Littlewood
  • Xana-La – Stephen Palmer
  • At the Rail – Andrew Coburn
  • The Bridge – A. J. Kirby
  • The Chain – Frank Roger
  • Our Island – Ralph Robert Moore
  • Underpass – Daniella Geary
  • Overnight Bus – Marion Pitman
  • Wake with the Light – Jet McDonald
  • Future Prospects (Poem) – Geoff Stevens
  • Entanglement – Douglas Thompson

Outra antologia com imensa qualidade. Allen Ashley sabe o que faz; a Eivonvale Press publica o que deve.

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15 respostas
  1. paulobrito says:

    Dead Countries by Gary Budgen
    This review contain spoilers: I really enjoyed this fascinating story.

  2. paulobrito says:

    A Faraway City by Joel Lane
    The nightmares are only dreams with better special effects.

  3. paulobrito says:

    The Way the World Works by Ian Sales
    Sometimes it is necessary diving to find a special edition.

  4. paulobrito says:

    A Guide to Surviving Malabar by Ian Shoebridge
    Don’t miss the plane, otherwise there is no fun.

  5. paulobrito says:

    The Human Map by Andrew Hook
    X does not always mark the place.

  6. paulobrito says:

    Journey to the Engine of the Earth by Terry Grimwood
    Without fear Terry Grimwood writes a scary story.

  7. paulobrito says:

    The Discord of Being by Alison J. Littlewood
    Strangeness surrounds us – engaging.

  8. paulobrito says:

    At the Rail by Andrew Coburn
    without fantasy; with melancholy – at full steam.

  9. paulobrito says:

    The Bridge by A. J. Kirby
    Fast forward – fast rewind.

  10. paulobrito says:

    Xana-La by Stephen Palmer
    Nothing compares to the demand of a lost belly button.

  11. paulobrito says:

    The Chain by Frank Rogers
    Fabulous story – nonsense raised to the square root.

  12. paulobrito says:

    Our Island by Ralph Robert Moore
    Where isolation is survival.

  13. paulobrito says:

    Underpass by Daniella Geary
    Dive into the darkness and free yourself.

  14. paulobrito says:

    Overnight Bus by Marion Pitman
    An electric tale – vibrant. The night gives chills.


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