lol – mexicano

Mais uma versão do LOL – mexicana.

lol – camões

Uma imagem do LOL – adulterada!

sobre lol

Escrever sobre, com e para lol tem sido apenas um exercício higiénico. É algo escrito ao estilo comer batatas fritas – sem stress, nem finesse; que pretende ser sério e/ou divertido ou talvez não. Uns episódios serão mais interessantes outros nem por isso. Se por vezes é uma história que inspira uma imagem, outras é uma imagem que solicita algumas palavras.
Neste processo é sem dúvida Mercie Pedro E Silva a pessoa, a alma, que me permite ir mais além. Graças a ela tenho a minha versão da história, muitas vezes rude, e outra história criada por ela que consegue sempre ficar mais “limada”.

lol, camuflagem 12.0

A versão Eça de Queirós, ainda sem história.

lol, camouflage 11.0 – spicy

Wearing a turban, his body covered with sandalwood ashes and painted with dye, his face decorated with an outline of a black beard, precariously wrapped in a ragged saffron robe, fastened on a piece of rope is a loincloth that pretends to hide his nakedness, with sacred beads and sequins around his neck, a gold chain looped on his right ankle, which makes him appear to be a young sadhu although he does not have any tilaka on his forehead, he walks through Rishikesh towards Haridwar.
A smile of pure satisfaction radiates from his face as his senses embrace the colors, smells and flavors of the spice stands that surround him.
Sitting near the bank of the Ganges River, wearing the shade of a tree, after having crossed the Laxman Jhula Bridge, he realizes how magnificent the smells of Rishikesh are and is proud to have chosen this pilgrimage route to the Maha Kumbha Mela. ‘It is incredible how in a crowd one can better perceive healthy solitude’ is the thought that arises before the undulating mystique of the Ganges River. It is this refuge that he needed and also the absorption of millennial energies.
It is almost sunset. The young sadhu rises and as he leaves behind the Ganges the aquatic magic is diluted harmoniously in the bustle of the metropolis and he feels like the link that unites the two landscapes. His readings taught him that there may be no chaos in chaos, as there may be no order in order, but these maxims begin to be broken when he is surrounded by a group of tourists who had hitherto been photographing the exterior of Trayambakeshwar.
‘A HOLY MAN!’ they shouted.
‘Holy? Where?’ he questions himself, but as he is pointed out by cell phones, he suspects that they think he is the saint, ‘crazy people!’

[… an excerpt …]

lol, camuflagem 11.1 – a abrir

Pediram-me para fazer lol ginecologista.
Aqui temos lol a ser forçado a abrir as pernas/braços.

le scat noir #217

Le Scat Noir Number #217 está disponível para download.

Mais um excelente lançamento de Black Scat Books.

Uma das minhas histórias lol tem a sua presença.

lol, camuflagem 11.0

A versão de lol para uma história de amor indiano ou talvez não.

Para já sem palavras, sem história.

lol, camuflagem 10.0 – desvio

Apesar de ter criado uma história. Não a publico. Fica apenas a imagem de um lol tirolês.

lol, camouflage 9.0 – in the desert

Armand Sillègue and Henri d’Aramitz left behind the Hotel Chez le Pacha. They walked unhurriedly towards the Draa River. In each step they felt the throbbing desert presence and even the M’Hamid Mosque displayed a unique melancholy silence. The atmosphere of M’Hamid El Ghizlane was impregnated with an indescribable glow – poetry. This night promised to be even more special. The day before they had heard the aromatic music of Génération Taragalte; they had been enraptured, lying on the sand of the desert, idyllically stargazing, but they had felt, above all, how it is exhilarating to listen to the legends of the Sahara told around the campfire – a paradise on earth.
They stopped near a tree that guarded at its feet an Al Khayma. They led themselves in through the south entrance and sat next to the host, Isaac de Porthau, a Frenchman, captivated by the charms of the desert, who had invited them to a ‘night of magical discoveries!’
Sitting on a carpet composed of symmetrical geometric patterns, they inhaled, from a hookah, the aromatic tobacco smoke. The peach smell deodorized the environment. The eyes scrutinized the only object that dazzled, with an illogical gold inside the Al Khayma, a lamp.
The magical silence that could be felt was broken by Isaac de Porthau.
‘It is said that the tale of Aladdin was placed in One Thousand and One Nights by Antoine Galland to outwit the curious. Aladdin’s story is true and his magic lamp is this one that our eyes see.’
‘If that is so, why did you invite us?’ asked Henri d’Aramitz.

[… an excerpt …]