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lol, camouflage 8.0 – the steps

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lol goes up the stairs … 1, 2, 3, 4, 34 … He is 10 meters above the ground – verticality. Once he reaches the platform he travels its six meters of length. Inhales, exhales, inhales, sighs. He turns his back. lol is standing perched on the edge of the platform. He takes a deep breath. He boosts himself and jumps. And so we see him travelling in seconds the distance to the water with his legs bent, glued to his chest and his arms holding his shins. At the last moment he opens himself up in such a disorderly manner that the aim of entering the liquid in blue at a 90 degree angle falls apart. He plummets (a perfect “belly-flop”) into the water in a cross position: arms open, legs open – X marks the SPLASH!

[… an excerpt …]

lol, camouflage 6.1 – by books

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lol in typical Next Thursday fashion has navigated through books never before navigated. He has left the three-dimensional space and entered the multidimensional space. He is looking for the perfect book for his hideaway. So, he jumps from book to book like a grasshopper – free of responsibilities, of deadlines to meet. His current motto could almost be “Pack your knapsack and go.” After so much jumping and running through amazing, minimalist and tragic books, of dense, light and dour writing, he opts, for his lair, for an illustrated book filled with people sitting on roofs, peering from windows and doors, descending and ascending stairs, dressed in blue, green, brown, yellow or striped, traveling on a train, ship or submarine; with strange and normal objects; with real bears and teddy bears; with fish and dinosaurs, horses, cows and even robots. In that crowd, that mosaic of confusion, lol realizes, finally, that he will be camouflaged. Then we hear him say ‘let me through’ while bypassing a green tank driven by a yellow fish; ‘do not push’ as he crosses paths with a blue group of soldiers; ‘do not fall’ as he faces Humpty Dumpty, who is on top of a wall made of books. Then we see him getting more than annoyed when he observes that the house made of cards is occupied by an astronaut, a skier, a conductor, a matrioska. lol throws his arms up high and grumbles loudly ‘SERIOUSLY! EVEN A MATRIOSKA?’

[… an excerpt …]

lol, camouflage 6.0 – orange juice

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lol is sitting in a chair while nibbling, indecisively, between a croissant and a pains au raisins. From the balcony of one of the rooms on the third floor of the hotel Plage des Pins he enjoys a beautiful view of the blue sea and concludes that the smell of the Mediterranean Sea in Argelés-sur-Mer has a distinct fragrance. He finishes a delicious orange juice and decides to throw some balls – A game of pétanque is taking place on the beach.
‘Bonjour! Il y a une place pour une personne? J’ai mes propre boules.’
‘Bien sûr. Nous sommes jusqu’à fini ce match.’

lol smooths his mustache, fixes the béret and waits – satisfaction.

[… an excerpt …]

lol, camouflage 5.0 – baker street

08 Out

221B Baker Street, London receives mail addressed to a fictional Sherlock Holmes – ‘strange world we live in’, lol sighed as he observed the blue plaque. lol wore a suit snugged by an inverness, the head was decorated with a derby. lol was perfectly camouflaged and therefore did not understand why some passersby looked at him with staring eyes – in suspicion, almost. When lol took a pipe out from his pocket, someone shouted: ‘IT’S SHERLOCK HOLMES.’ Flashes, more flashes were being fired in his direction.

[… an excerpt …]

lol, camouflage 4.0 – 3 points

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lol was at the Quicken Loans Arena. He feasted his eyes on the game Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Enthusiasm ran down his spine, but when Iman Shumpert scored 3 points after a great pass from LeBron James, lol jumped, stretching way up high, as only he can, both arms and shouteeeeeeeedddd joyously – yes, he is a Cavaliers fan.

[… an excerpt …]

lol, camouflage 3.0 – art auction

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lol was walking on the street Faubourg Saint-Honoré when he was attracted to a sign advertising a pixelated art auction. He went in and sat down. It was with amazement that he saw passing and passing, before his eyes, art in which the pixels were law and crime, order and chaos. Everything was taking place harmoniously when someone shouted an omg before the exhibit of the collection 404: a simple black pixel over white – the ultimate representation of minimalism or perhaps the true “ready made”; before being it already was. The truth is that lol, after hearing the release of those three simple letters, cackled a more than audible lol. He was discovered, pointed out and had no choice but to get himself a new skin.

lol, camouflage 2.0 – yelapa

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lol didn’t miss the old days; when he knew he was the abbreviation of laughter – easy and mechanical laughter. Now seated, arms outstretched, on a beach on the Pacific coast, he enjoyed a well deserved holiday in perfect anonymity. His biggest rival Roflol felt an unexpected success emerging, without constraints. Dispair hit lol like a bazooka. After posting a photo, in total relaxation, his location was discovered – Yelapa. He had no choice but to get himself a new camouflage.

lol, camouflage 1.0 – and all begins

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lol is sad; he’s tired of being constantly compelled to raise his arms – to the style “your money or your life”; tired of expressing laughter without consent. So today he decided to disguise himself.

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