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29 Mai

Hoje olhei, na cozinha escura, para a mármore preta e veio-me logo de rajada a ideia da morgue. Será que associei ao acto de ali comer animais (coelho, galinha, etc..) à morte?

el amargo despertar de alberto gonzález ortiz

09 Jan

A história revela ser um perfeito ouroboros. O fim é o princípio e o princípio do fim – conclusão.
Pouco interessa para o autor (Alberto González Ortiz) explicar o motivo para o apocalipse; nem as personagens perdem muito tempo a pensar nisso. O mais importante é sobreviver.

Alberto González Ortiz oferece uma história satírica, até divertida, e na qual a esperança ousadamente se atreve a espreitar.

El Amargo Despertar é uma história robusta, muito bem escrita. Jorge, a personagem principal, revela, quanto a mim, ser um verdadeiro homo homini lupus.

O final não me chocou, porque afinal não é o homem um verdadeiro animal? Preocupado com a sua egoísta sobrevivência?

red nightmare by sissy pantelis and danilo antoniucci

17 Nov

This opinion will not have an order, rather an orderly disorder.

Let’s see …

It’s not easy to make an acceptable “society” using animals that behave like humans. But the society of anthropomorphized animals created in Red Nightmare, by the perfect choice of species is an excellent “mirror” society. I can identify, in the facial expressions of animals/characters, the savagery, love, hatred, fatigue, perfidy, wisdom, fear, courage, revolt… The detail of the hyenas, the rabbit ghetto – perfect.

Danilo Antoniucci with a sturdy and musical trace created credible characters who transpired the good and the bad of humanity. If I have to choose a favorite character I point the finger at Night Wanderer: it’s the touch of humor in the story, the element that breaks the tension; the character that we envy for the freedom with which he flies for adventure.

Visually, Red Nightmare is a crazy, fun, colorful – wonderful trip.

The pages where the transition from the real world(?) to the dream world(?) occurs, are very well achieved – excellent color work.

The initial page is delicious: a towering castle, guards with an evil grin, a mother that wards off a child and the soliloquy of an anonymous actor deepens the text of the caption and so… the magic begins.

First, flip through the pages and see the images …
Second, read the text and see the images …
Third, read the pictures and see the text …
Reverse this order and mix everything up …

The text begins, from the very start, by embracing the images and soon on the fifth page we have the words ‘I can only help you see the future through me’ which will make the story take a magical leap into another more magical world – magic within magic, story within story; rabbit inside the magician’s hat. Text, image, special effects – kaboom!

Another kaboom and pause. Shock, surprise. Wow, what now?

And the words of Sissy Pantelis go along with the images and the images go along with the words without competition, in union. And the two elements well combined, oiled, offer the reader astonishment, pain, suspense, confusion …

‘CRI CRI CRI’ is fear to one and a surprise to the reader. ‘That’s … not good!’ is said – but it’s good, it’s, very good.

We have pages without text in which Sissy Pantelis boldly lets Danilo Antoniucci write with images; a wonderful writer who writes words in the silence of expressions, in the silence of moments. The reader is invited to think for himself, is gently pushed there, there, beyond.

And the story hurries, runs very fast and even flies (new inclusion of a story in the story – a bit of homage to another story, perhaps Peter, maybe Pan – I do not know!)

And when the artist and the writer finish without the consent of the reader, but with meaning, the story, I say:

You have got to be joking – it’s over?! How? And I begin to leaf through the book until, without any other solution, I place it there beside me on the shelf.

braços abertos

22 Jan

O bicho, diabo da Tasmânia, na protecção.

magical interview to sissy pantelis

08 Jan


I first met Sissy Pantelis in The Ironic Fantastic # 1, the story “Hunted”; it was love at first letter – two “first” can be a redundancy, but it was what I could write.
She creates the most charming stories that I’ve read with words that are endearing and amusing. I can feel, always, alive the sense of wonder and imagination that inhabited Sissy’s heart and mind; completely drawn into her worlds don’t knowing if I am going to cry, laugh… hypnotic and touching words she have.
“How fine is the line between fantasy and reality? And if we unleash our imaginations, just how far will they take us?” – answers that can be found at Sissy’s stories.Shame on me for not knowing her soon – but the fault is all mine.
1. Do you have a specific writing style?

I always try to write clearly for the readers. My priority is to be understood – not to make beautiful, long sentences. I don’t think that my style is literary and complicated. I prefer short, clear sentences that people can understand and I try to keep writing in this style. I am also very attentive to rhythm issues – but this is something intuitive, I cannot explain it rationally. I am not good at long narratives and long and complicated descriptions, so I try to avoid them.

2. What books have most influenced your life?

Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. All fairy tales and mythology- maybe Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales more than the rest. Greek mythology and Aesope’s myths. And the Brothers Karamazov by Dostoievsky – Crime and Punishment too. When I read Dostoievsky, I felt something difficult to put in words- like an earthquake in my head. I have always loved everything by Oscar Wilde and my philosophy is very much influenced by the Tao Te Ching and the Taoist Philosophers (NOT the religion – the philosophy).

3. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Oscar Wilde. Also Hans Christian Andersen (he also was a major influence for Oscar Wilde) and Shakespeare with Midsummer Night’s Dream. I have found out that many of my stories were influenced or inspired (even at a sub conscious level) by Midsummer Night’s Dream).

4. What are your current projects?

My comics. If you want to know more about them, please read my interview here:

blue sparkles

blue sparkles

Her current comics projects are, and quoting:

Blue Sparkles is a story of a cursed love. The two young lovers escape to Dreamland to be together, but even there, it seems that the curse follows them. The story is inspired by Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of the major influences on my imagination. Art in Blue Sparkles is by wonderful French artist Aurore Barois (aka VURORE).

Sissy Pantelis

Red Nightmare is a story about change and its consequences. It is a story of a cruel king, who decides to change after a hallucination he has while he visits a witch (whom he tortures at first). It is also about being at peace with your own self, about inner harmony. I found out that it was a very important thing and maybe one of the most difficult tasks one can attempt in his lifetime. Now, Red Nightmare is NOT a philosophy book; it is a fairy tale featuring anthropomorphic animals. As all my stories, it is first aimed to entertain and make readers dream. But change has always been an important factor in my life and the main theme of this story is change. The artist working on this story is Italian artist Danilo Antoniucci. I am extremely happy and honored that Danilo accepted this collaboration. I love his art, but I am not the only one to admire Danilo’s talent, so he has a lot of work with his own comics and I can only be grateful that he also works with me.

Sissy Pantelis

Dark Siren is the story of a young girl that discovers that she has a wonderful gift, but her gift can harm other people – especially those who offend her. The young girl is scared, so she leaves her home fearing she may inadvertently harm her family. Then she finds out that she is not alone to possess that kind of poisonous gift. Dark Siren is a special story to me. First, there is something of me in the main character of the story. For a long while, I thought that dreaming and writing was a sort of curse cast on me… To come back to Dark Siren, my young niece helped me a lot in making the story and gave me many ideas for the plot; that was a wonderful experience. And last (but not least), the artist working on this story is José Leonardo aka The Chulo. José is from Colombia and his style is very special. I believe that José has really given this story another dimension. He is extremely gifted and he is now also working on the characters of a movie (by the people who did How to Train Your Dragon).

Sissy Pantelis

I have other projects- among other things, I have one or two novels in mind, but that will be for much later so we would rather speak about them in the future than now.

5. How much research do you do?

Quite a lot actually. Most of my stories are pure fantasy and the true things in them are very few, but I need to do a lot of research to get inspiration.

6. Do you write full-time or part-time?

I write full time and I don’t wish to change this – writing is a passion and doing something else at the same time is a big mistake, I found out at a great cost a few years back.

7. Where do your ideas come from?

I am not sure. Sometimes from fairy tales; but I also get a lot of ideas by listening to music or through my dreams!!! 🙂

8. How can readers discover more about you and you work?

I am on Deviant Art: http://gliovampire.deviantart.com – I try to keep the journal updated when anything new comes out.
I am also on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sissy.pantelis and this is my author page:
I have also created a page for Blue Sparkles:
and José and I created a page for Dark Siren:

If you want to follow my work, you are welcome to follow any of those pages and I am always happy to see comments and answer any questions of the readers.

automatic safe dog by jet mcdonald

03 Dez

In this, his extraordinary debut novel, Jet McDonald has created a heady brew of volatile cocktail ingredients. Madcap surreal humour blends with vicious parody of the world of work, the vanity of “Creative” types, the torments of unrequited love, animal cruelty and the excesses of consumer society. Words and sentences undergo some kind of alchemy under McDonald’s reckless stewardship, he whips them up into little frenzies like performing pooches and makes them jump through the burning hoops of our open mouths and frazzled brains. Not so much a breath of fresh air as a snort of something industrial, read this book and become initiated into a rebellion of the mind that will leave you inspired and laughing with exhilaration.

from the editor

Sense is the enemy of change and nonsense is the powder keg of disorder.

Jet McDonald

Amazing (SUPER FUNNY) story. I didn’t need to say anything about this book because Allen Ashley already did a good job in the Foreword.
OH! You don’t know what Allen said – buy the book.

facts about me

26 Ago

Facts about me:

paulo, cabeça

o que vai dentro da minha cabeça (versão 1.0)

  1. I’m very calm, except when I get mad.
  2. Yes, I earn my living making fun of nuns and I have already bought a cottage in Sawsea – praise the LORD.
  3. I do not personally know Rhys Hughes and I’m frightened to meet him in person; I’m sure he’s going to give me the tango. And I think I haven’t enough space at home to keep the tango alive.
  4. I love the PETA moto (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the PETA moto (People Eating Tasty Animals) – yes, I feed myself of sophists dialectic.
  5. I don’t like football, but if some salad have balls of cheddar cheese I will lick the balls.

há guarda-chuvas e guardas-chuvas

30 Set

Odeio a chuva por me obrigar a andar com um apêndice, mas quando o guarda-chuva é um James Smith & Sons até rezo com descrença para que chova.


gents resin animal heads

É uma possível prenda de anos.

se as vacas voassem

09 Ago


merda de ave

“A tua sorte foi as vacas não voarem” – disseram-me.

Hoje logo pela manhã aconteceu-me um verdadeiro ataque aéreo capaz de fazer inveja a qualquer top gun.

Fui bombardeado por um pomba com um míssil balístico de merda líquida. Quando dou por mim não era, apenas, o cabelo que estava sujo, era a roupa, o livro que levava na mão, a carteira. Peguei no lenço para minimizar o problema e um fio de caca aviária descia pela testa.

Já tinham cagado em cima de mim, mas nunca literalmente. Outro animal que odeio. Vou acabar por comprar uma simples LG 21 Panther e andar sempre de chapéu; sinto que o meu zero craniano serviu de mira.

Serve-me de consolo a linda pança que evitou qualquer bombardeamento das partes baixas.

as outras duas descobertas: “fé nos burros”

09 Out

No dia 25 de Setembro escrevi

Hoje foi um dia de descobertas; duas trouxeram uma frutada surpresa a terceira revelou-se completamente inebriante.
Resolvo para já assinalar a descoberta “inebriante”.

Hoje é dia de escrever sobre as duas descobertas frutadas. Aqui está a primeira.


fé nos burros, apresentação


Fé nos Burros” consiste num projecto de fotografia e vídeo de João Pedro Marnoto em colaboração com a AEPGA (Associação para o Estudo e Protecção do Gado Asinino) e com o apoio do Município de Alfândega da Fé que pretende enaltecer a importância da relação Homem-Animal, com especial relevância para as burras, burros, mulas e machos.

Através da presença destes animais, iremos descobrir facetas do quotidiano dos seus donos, desde a sua cultura material, saberes e fazeres de tradição oral, modos de pensar, até aos seus sentimentos e emoções. Deste modo, enquanto se perpetuar esta cumplicidade entre o Homem e o Burro haverá sempre esperança na sobrevivência da espécie que desde sempre fez parte da nossa história e memória colectiva. E que queremos continuar a celebrar e preservar.
texto retirado do site da AEPGA

Esta exposição estava em exibição ao ar livre na Avenida da Liberdade (Barcelos).
E foi uma boa descoberta. Eu via os burros, a minha filha passeava por lá de bicicleta, eu via mais burros e pensava em outros burros.

fé nos burros, duas fotos

fé nos burros, duas fotos

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