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lol, camouflage 6.0 – orange juice

10 Out

lol is sitting in a chair while nibbling, indecisively, between a croissant and a pains au raisins. From the balcony of one of the rooms on the third floor of the hotel Plage des Pins he enjoys a beautiful view of the blue sea and concludes that the smell of the Mediterranean Sea in Argelés-sur-Mer has a distinct fragrance. He finishes a delicious orange juice and decides to throw some balls – A game of pétanque is taking place on the beach.
‘Bonjour! Il y a une place pour une personne? J’ai mes propre boules.’
‘Bien sûr. Nous sommes jusqu’à fini ce match.’

lol smooths his mustache, fixes the béret and waits – satisfaction.

[… an excerpt …]

chair in the sun

31 Jul

Cadeira refastelada ao sol.

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