an impulse

Following an impulse, I define myself, from now on – God ex-machina -, as a plastic puff artist or a monazitic artist. I put a monazitic sand cone in any place (always 1 kg) and with a blue cocktail straw, also known as a tube to sip liquids, of 10cm long, I puff.

With the sobbing velocity of the air expelled through the plastic tube I get traits in the sand of varied aspect. When I feel that “I am there and here”, “this is what I want” I obtain a new work of art.

My public is the one who loves the Ephemeral Art but that feels it has been offered a punch in the solar plexus; the emotions it arises are plenty … my art.

I don’t set any photo because I refuse myself to perpetuate works of art that must be savoured on the spot.

dry martini em braga

Um saboroso Dry Martini.
Local: Taberna Inglesa, Braga.

um cosmopolitan em vila nova de gaia

Um saboroso, mas demasiado doce, cosmopolitan. Local: Nova Era Caffe.


Uma bebida deliciosa.

manhattan i

Uma bebida muito delicada. Dupla visão!


Uma bebida muito delicada.

alleluia drink

pois é. mais uma bebida!

beefeater drink (perspectiva)

uma outra perspectiva de uma bebida Beefeater.

cherries, doubly

Duas cerejas o dobro do prazer.

beefeater drink

Uma bebida refrescante com Beefeater.