e chegou!

I am puting everything aside and I am prepared to live with obsessions and delusions; with ups and downs; with noises and silences; with discoveries and losses.

Reading a story written by Alexander Zelenyj is keeping the reader intrigued longer than just during its reading time.

Alexander Zelenyj likes to nurture all the nuances of fear, pain, pleasure and madness – sweet dreams await us all.

alexander zelenyj

Melhor, muito melhor do que os evangelhos.

Livros sem qualquer mandamentos, mas obrigatórios para qualquer leitor que goste de ser desafiado.

Um escritor em constantes descobertas.

how many times? by rhys hughes

Graças a Rhys Hughes descobri a corrente literária Oulipo (não confundir com Olimpo). Elaborei, até, alguns textos utilizando os seus constrangimentos literários.

Rhys Hughes, que sempre revelou um interesse nos constrangimentos literários permitidos pelo Oulipo, tendo produzido algumas peças aqui e ali, oferece agora, não apenas um livro completo de brincadeiras, desafios, puzzles, mas constrangimentos originais – duplo desafio. 

This book:

  • improves the quality of your life;
  • gives you better mood;
  • is creamy and smooth;

Rhys Hughes pode não ser real, mas este livro é-o certamente! Urra!

Parabéns à Eibonvale Press pela ousadia em publicar esta obra.

Faye was wrapped up in the blanket of her thoughts.
Defeated Dogs by Quentin S. Crisp
All the children were silent. Their life as a cry.
Scar City by Joel Lane (page 98)
“It used to be sad,” he said. “Now it’s just a tragedy.”
Scar City by Joel Lane (page 97)
Wendy smashed all the clocks in the flat. She even burned the calendar. “Time has no meaning,” she explained to Mike. “Nothing ever changes.”
Scary City by Joel Lane
Even the first time was like a ritual. Buying the razor blades at the local chemist’s shop, unwrapping a frail silver of metal, holding the edge up to the light. Guns were difficult and expensive to buy, and even knifes weren’t cheap, but this fragment of death cost no more than a postage stamp.
Scar City by Joel Lane
He has always told me that I am a balloon, taking him to blue places over the hills.
Experiments at 3 Billion A.M. by Alexander Zelenyj
“I don’t care about what you’ve done. I need to know… why you didn’t kill me.” There were silence. Twice she began to speak and stopped herself. Then she said quietly: “Because it wasn’t worth it. You’re already dying.”
Scar City by Joel Lane