bloody war by terry grimwood

Bloody War by Terry Grimwood, published by Eibonvale Press is a book with a dystopian, totally exciting and very well structured story. Terry Grimwood, creates from page to page one too real imaginary world. Is not a pleasant book, but since when is the war pleasing?

The main character, Pete Allman, leads us in his arms to a hell of doubt, turns, twists and turns and force us to think.

Bloody War is so well written, well structured, so brutal that it’s an insult compares it to 1984, only because “yes“.

Everyone should read this book; is bloody good!

moonshine express

This time I will start by the publisher.

Eibonvale Press has been a surprise at all levels. Graphically has offered books without taints, everything is designed in detail – attractive and seductive. The stuffing, composed of the words is better than any liqueur. Eibonvale Press has transformed the book into a work of art. Another interesting detail is the opportunity of providing the reader with numbered editions and other pearls.

In the case of the book Moonshine Express by Poppet have, we have not only a numbered book, but also a letter and a pin; this is more than awesome.

moonshine express, the letter

And as for the book?
A story, told in two hands, full of wonderful words, where each sentence is packed with poetry. The narration in the first person brings another taste to the story and the ending is not an ending, but the beginning of all – wonderful.

moonshine express, the letter

tallest stories

Tallest Stories by Rhys Hughes, and excellently illustrated by David Rix is a good stuff to read. Briefly is a hallucinating reading and nothing boring.

60 linked stories, 60 illustrations, 18 years in the making – this is probably Rhys Hughes’ most important book to date.

Eibonvale Press

Unfortunately isn’t referred the amount of drink and food spend in the production of the book. Can I forgive the author? I think not. But as “Laura was running. She ran. She ran throught the forest. Throught the forest she ran. Laura ran.” I forgive him – not a bad guy after all, despite only desired to be friend of mermaids. A fetishistic for scales!

tallest stories

tallest stories

The 60 story are ranged from 1993 (Learning to Fly) to 2009 (Gaspar Jangle’s Seance). One of the stories, Learning To Fall, included in the book, in the words of Rhys Hughes “was originally one of my very first stories. I wrote a version of this story when I was 10 years old, then lost it, so when I was 28 I decided to rewrite it…”.

Not the best book by Rhys Hughes because it’s impossible to compare any book of Rhys Hughes to another book of Rhys Hughes. Therefore I can only conclude that it’s the best book of Rhys Hughes; confused? Does this solve? “Laura was running. She ran. She ran throught the forest. Throught the forest she ran. Laura ran.” If it does not solve I feel sorry, of course I don’t, but it is politically correct to have some pity, read the book will be the only solution.

In 60 stories there are some 60 stories that I’m obligated to emphasize. For easy browsing the list the book has an index.

I think that’s all I have to say about the book. Liked. Loved. Loved. “Laura ran.

On the purchase of the book I received also this – oh yes!


two notebooks