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an emporium of automata by d. p. watt

21 Dez

Just finishing another amazing book published by David Rix: An Emporium of Automata by D. P. Watt. A book that reminds me a quote of Dr. Who:

You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!

Tooth and Claw in Season 2

The books published by Eibonvale Press are beautiful weapons of ignorance destruction.

So time to read.

this is utter nonsense #9 by black scat books

02 Out

yes, the beer is certified! é uma das histórias que vai ser publicada na antologia This is utter nonsense #9 pela editora Black Scat Books.

A minha história vai partilhar este número com Jake Alexander, Alphonse Allais, Alain Arias-Misson, Mark Axelrod, Norman Conquest, Farewell Debut, Fiona Duffin, Tom La Farge, Allen Forrest, Ryan Forsythe, Eckhard Gerdes, Rhys Hughes, Janne Karlsson, Teri Lee Kline, Richard Kostelanetz, Michael Leigh, Terri Lloyd, David Macpherson, Samantha Memi, Monika Mori, Yarrow Paisley, Bobby Phillips, Jason E. Rolfe, Doug Skinner, Wendy Walker, and Carla M. Wilson.

Sim, vou ter uma história publicada juntamente com o meu autor favorito.

the ironic fantastic #3 at the cat that got my tongue

14 Set

Once more Fiona Duffin talks about The Ironic Fantastic #3 at her amazing blog.


The post have also another pearls. I recommend the reading.

um dos melhores momentos do ano

01 Set

Coloco o link para o programa de rádio Giggle & Gossip no qual Fiona Duffin falou do projecto The Ironic Fantastic e de moi. Um momento muito gratificante. Adorei. Um dos pontos altos deste ano.

O programa pode ser ouvido no MixCloud, aqui.

Aproveito para fornecer o link para duas antologias que têm textos meus.


black scat books – seduction

black scat review #8

oulipo pornobongo 3: anthology of erotic wordplay

Ambas publicadas pela excelente editora Black Scat Books

for 5 days 3 positive things of my life

25 Ago

I’ve been nominated by Rhys Hughes to post for 5 days 3 positive things of my life

My 3 positives for day 1 are:
  1. I’m a human fan, not a electric one, of Rhys Hughes: the one writer who truly made a difference in my life.
  2. I finished reading a new story: “Trolls de Troy -18- Pröfy Blues”
  3. The barber shave me. I did not recognize myself in the mirror. I shouted. He yelled. The cat ran away. No mirror broke.
My 3 positives for day 2 are:
  1. I hired a goblin to clean my glasses. I now see a more colorful world. I go, however, constantly against the poles – a painful side effect.
  2. When I was 15 years I went for the last time to a witch she told me and to my mother that I had an open body. However I don’t find nothing abnormal with my body, except a huge appetite for knowledge.
  3. I had a vasectomy in 2010. The good thing about this is that I can sin without fertilize. The negative: have been surrounded by so many nurses I could not have since that date more sexual fetishes with nurses.
My 3 positives for day 3 are:

eu a true nerd

a true nerd!

  1. I had an enormous lucky to have outstanding grandmothers and grandfathers. My grandmother, by my father side, was a devout Christian. Every holy Sunday I went with her to the church, but I disliked going to the church and I pass the time counting how many bald heads where in the church. Now I have also a bald head but I am not part of any statistics.
  2. One day I told to my daughter that I don’t have a zero in the head but a airfield. She, then, glued on my head a plane toy. I was the proud owner of a portable airfield.
  3. Today I lost weight. I’m so happy. Now I can tell that I walk and not roll. Wait, what I see so far away but getting closer? Oh! Is my weight, I didn’t know that my weigh was equipped with GPS.
My 3 positives for day 4 are:
  1. I love beer. So I drink beer, like right now
  2. My son is at home. We are now all together, the four. A gestalt family.
  3. Tomorrow is the day before holidays!
My 3 positives for day 5 are:
  1. I love my wife Carla Carvalho Faria and my daughter and my son, and my mother and my father and all you that know that I love you.
  2. Like Jason E. Rolfe I have a sister. Is only one but she is equal to seven sisters. Thanks Glória Brito. Without you I am not me.
  3. I’m so luck to have virtual meet so amazing people like Rhys Hughes, Jason E. Rolfe, David Rix, Fiona Duffin, Adele Whittle, Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas, Ian Towey, Mercie Pedro E Silva, Sissy Pantelis, Carlos Rocha, Garrett Cook, Brendan Connell, Gisela Monteiro and many others (I only use the left side). I’ve meet equal nice and good people like César Figueiredo, Diogo Carvalho, Hugo Teixeira, Susana Leite and many, many others – all of you can turn my gloomy days into sunny days. Because all of you are so fascinating and true people.
    1. A special thanks to my dear friend Hugo Cardoso
    2. A special hug to my like sons Jorge Dias and Patrícia Marques and a big kiss to the mother of this two Lurdes Marques. And I miss you so much my forever friend Jorge Dias, the father.
    3. I know I miss someone but you know I love you, and you and you…

beau présent – first round

19 Ago

Since 08th August. I have publish a Beau Présent every single day.

08 – Ian Towey
09 – Fiona Duffin
10 – Nina Vangerow
11 – Sissy Pantelis
12 – Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (Spanish version)
13 – Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (English version), Amira Ana Amyth and Kseniya Gomzjakova
14 – David Rix
15 – Garrett Cook and Gio Clairval
16 – Tseng Lan Hui
17 – Hugo Cardoso and Roshi Khji

I made others Beau Présents but they aren’t published on the site.

Time to another round – I think!!

beau présent: fiona duffin

10 Ago

@LadyFii discovered that an anagram of my name is equal to: Oulipo Brat

So I will post, just for fun, some Oulipo stuffs.

The third (09.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Fiona Duffin.

A noun
found a Don.
oui, a no naif noun, a oaf Don in a inn a union do.
A noun found fun. No an uno fun; a duo fun!

Noun… off!
Fou donna… in!


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