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lol, camouflage 6.1 – by books

16 Out

lol in typical Next Thursday fashion has navigated through books never before navigated. He has left the three-dimensional space and entered the multidimensional space. He is looking for the perfect book for his hideaway. So, he jumps from book to book like a grasshopper – free of responsibilities, of deadlines to meet. His current motto could almost be “Pack your knapsack and go.” After so much jumping and running through amazing, minimalist and tragic books, of dense, light and dour writing, he opts, for his lair, for an illustrated book filled with people sitting on roofs, peering from windows and doors, descending and ascending stairs, dressed in blue, green, brown, yellow or striped, traveling on a train, ship or submarine; with strange and normal objects; with real bears and teddy bears; with fish and dinosaurs, horses, cows and even robots. In that crowd, that mosaic of confusion, lol realizes, finally, that he will be camouflaged. Then we hear him say ‘let me through’ while bypassing a green tank driven by a yellow fish; ‘do not push’ as he crosses paths with a blue group of soldiers; ‘do not fall’ as he faces Humpty Dumpty, who is on top of a wall made of books. Then we see him getting more than annoyed when he observes that the house made of cards is occupied by an astronaut, a skier, a conductor, a matrioska. lol throws his arms up high and grumbles loudly ‘SERIOUSLY! EVEN A MATRIOSKA?’

[… an excerpt …]

não saltes gafanhoto

11 Jun

Outro saltante encontrado a passear no quintal da casa das Torgas.


03 Set

Hoje ao sair de casa reparei num “coiso” a saltar nas flores. De arma fotográfica na mão tinha como objectivo ganhar o dia. O “coiso” era um gafanhoto numa posição que não permitia uma foto com o mínimo de qualidade (cof cof).
Com calma peguei nele e fui exibir o insecto para assistir a gritos de desespero dos ocupantes da voiature – momento alto do dia.

grasshopper 3.0

17 Ago

a grasshopper that has stopped a little to to be digitally recorded. take one.

grasshopper 3.1

17 Ago

a grasshopper that has stopped a little to to be digitally recorded. take two.

another grasshopper

12 Ago

a grasshopper caught in the walls of the pool.

grasshopper 2.0

11 Ago

a grasshopper in healthy acrobatics.

um gafanhoto

08 Ago

Um gafanhoto nas malhas da justiça.
O sacana foi dificílimo de apanhar.


16 Jun

the grasshopper is an insect of the suborder caelifera in the order orthoptera.

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