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despertar de stephen king

21 Ago

Não direi que é, como está escrito na capa do livro “Um dos melhores que King alguma vez escreveu”. Não tem horror nem terror. É um livro catita.

Um pouco insosso.

it, o filme (2017) – capítulo i

29 Mai

IT o filme de 2017 não é apenas uma adaptação medíocre de obra de Stephen King, mas também um anedótico filme de terror/horror.

Numa narração muito atabalhoada o filme acaba por não flutuar e afunda-se como o Titanic.

a coisa de stephen king

27 Mai

Terminei hoje a leitura de “IT – A Coisa” de Stephen King editado em Portugal pela Bertrand em dois volumes num total de 1272 páginas de personagens memoráveis; uma história tão aterrorizante quanto brilhante.

IT é realmente um livro extraordinário.

Tradução de Ana Lourenço e Maria João Lourenço

h. r. giger

21 Mai

Hans Ruedi Giger (H. R. Giger) é mais conhecido por definir a direcção visual de “Alien”, que completa 40 anos este mês, mas o seu trabalho como artista vai muito mais longe.

Mas o trabalho de Giger como artista vai muito além do seu “Alien”. Giger criou, combinando na perfeição o horror e o grotesco, peças de arte fascinantes e assustadoras.

atomic children (1968)
giger bar em gruyères, suiça

cinco esquinas por mario vargas llosa

22 Abr

O primeiro livro que tentei ler de Mario Vargas Llosa foi “A Festa do Chibo” comprado para ler durante a recuperação de uma sofrida intervenção cirúrgica. Não o consegui terminar porque decidi que precisava de uma leitura mais suave. Tenho um dia destes de pegar novamente no dito cujo.

Desta vez, sem quaisquer constrangimentos dolorosos, peguei no livro “Cinco Esquinas” e gostei. Gostei do suspense, das paixões, dos horrores, das denúncias, dos conflitos – uma excelente sátira de costumes.

Apesar de existir algumas personagens interessantes a exigir um maior desenvolvimento Vargas Llosa consegue com fácil destreza tratar da opressão política, da decadência moral, do papel importante do jornalismo; tudo isto bem misturado permite uma leitura bem divertida.

scar city de joel lane

30 Out

A new collection from one of the most powerful voices in slipstream and horror writing is a significant event. This collection of twenty two stories was one of the last that Joel Lane put together before his death in 2013. Frequently taking the form of dark urban fantasy, with his home city of Birmingham as their nucleus, these are intense and often painful stories that linger in the mind for a long time.

from the publisher

These stories are populated by troubled people living troubled lives in troubled places. A pervasive melancholia overhangs the tales, and seeps its way into their fabric (in tandem with the copious amounts of alcohol imbibed by their complicated characters trying to make sense of and otherwise cope with their circumstances). These tales, then, wear their scars plainly, and it’s this fragile, fractured quality which imbues them with their beauty. They are difficult stories, but then they have to be, considering their subject matter.

As a reader and as a writer, I’ve always been drawn to the dichotomy of living in a world made of equal parts beauty and tragedy, and how this kind of living affects us. This effect is on display everywhere in these pages. It’s a bittersweet vision to be sure, and an important one that we should not look away from, not ever.

from the foreword by Alexander Zelenyj


  • Publisher’s Note and Bibliographic Data
  • Foreword by Alexander Zelenyj: Echoes from the Place We Met
  1. Those Who Remember
  2. In This Blue Shade
  3. A Faraway City
  4. The Willow Pattern
  5. Echoland
  6. This Night Last Woman
  7. Birds of Prey
  8. The Last Gallery
  9. Making Babies
  10. Keep the Night
  11. My Voice Is Dead
  12. A Hairline Cut
  13. The Long Shift
  14. Internal Colonies
  15. Among the Leaves
  16. The Grief of Seagulls
  17. By Night He Could Not See
  18. Feels Like Underground (with Chris Morgan)
  19. Upon a Granite Wind
  20. Winter Song
  21. Rituals
  22. Behind the Curtain
  • Essay by Nina Allan: Socialism or Barbarism: Joel Lane’s Blue Trilogy and the Poetry of the Lost

A iniciar a leitura.

07 Fev

So as melancholy falls once more in the town of trees, I make my way I know not where, guided as by my feet on rails. Horror, guilt, still lurches in my entrails, but exhilaration, exultation also pumps my blood, with all that entails.

The Rhymer: an Heredyssey by Douglas Thompson

lol, camouflage 11.0 – spicy

13 Nov

Wearing a turban, his body covered with sandalwood ashes and painted with dye, his face decorated with an outline of a black beard, precariously wrapped in a ragged saffron robe, fastened on a piece of rope is a loincloth that pretends to hide his nakedness, with sacred beads and sequins around his neck, a gold chain looped on his right ankle, which makes him appear to be a young sadhu although he does not have any tilaka on his forehead, he walks through Rishikesh towards Haridwar.
A smile of pure satisfaction radiates from his face as his senses embrace the colors, smells and flavors of the spice stands that surround him.
Sitting near the bank of the Ganges River, wearing the shade of a tree, after having crossed the Laxman Jhula Bridge, he realizes how magnificent the smells of Rishikesh are and is proud to have chosen this pilgrimage route to the Maha Kumbha Mela. ‘It is incredible how in a crowd one can better perceive healthy solitude’ is the thought that arises before the undulating mystique of the Ganges River. It is this refuge that he needed and also the absorption of millennial energies.
It is almost sunset. The young sadhu rises and as he leaves behind the Ganges the aquatic magic is diluted harmoniously in the bustle of the metropolis and he feels like the link that unites the two landscapes. His readings taught him that there may be no chaos in chaos, as there may be no order in order, but these maxims begin to be broken when he is surrounded by a group of tourists who had hitherto been photographing the exterior of Trayambakeshwar.
‘A HOLY MAN!’ they shouted.
‘Holy? Where?’ he questions himself, but as he is pointed out by cell phones, he suspects that they think he is the saint, ‘crazy people!’

[… an excerpt …]

obscurum nocturnus por diogo carvalho

10 Jul

Já (re)li esta aventura diversas vezes e na última leitura descobri um pormenor que até então tinha-me passado despercebido. Tiago está a ler, no carro conduzido por David Gois, o Fanalbum “Cabo Connection” de, naturalmente, Diogo Carvalho.

cabo connection

cabo connection

Quanto ao livro…
É implacavelmente agradável.
Sem a necessidade de criar um barulhento e grandioso cenário apocalíptico, mas antes com uma atmosfera calma e subtil Diogo Carvalho tem a chave perfeita para uma história imprevisível, emocionante. Não sendo apenas um livro de horror, é romântico (até), cheio de acção, aventura e com uma sensação de road trip, a verdade é que nos transporta delicadamente ao medo.

Mesmo para quem não gosta de horror aconselho uma boa espreitadela. É fantástico. Para quem adora horror é a cereja no topo do bolo.

É um livro que qualquer zombie que se preze gostaria de ler.

fae visions of the mediterranean

24 Mai

The Mediterranean is a liquid road connecting places and people. Ships, words and stories travel on its waves. Sometimes fantastic creatures, hidden in the hold. The Mediterranean speaks many languages; some of them we don’t recognize anymore. They are ancient, but never really dead. This speculative fiction anthology collects twenty-four pieces of fiction and poetry, new and old, and some things that are in between, because we don’t believe in boundaries. It gathers Mediterranean stories with a horror twist and horror stories with a Mediterranean flavour—caring sea monsters, still dripping and briny; brave mermaids, merciless ghosts and bizarre creatures—in nine different languages and many different styles.

Future Fire

Following the request made by Rhys Hughes to draw a Minotaur there is my nonsense version.

More info about the anthology Fae Visions of the Mediterranean: An Anthology of Horrors and Wonders of the Sea can be found here.

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