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porta VIII is my personal site. Grab a beer and sit tight. Are you comfortable? Take a look around to the new stuff and adventure trough the archives.
And if you want to know more about me, you will need another beer, belgium preferably and a lot of patience.
You will know as soon as you find out more about me.

This then? This is not a book. This is libel, slander, and defamation of character. This is not a book, in the ordinary sense of the word. No, this is a prolonged insult, a gob of spit in the face of Art, a kick in the pants to God, Man, Destiny, Time, Love, Beauty… what you will.

Henry Miller

Sou contra “ab ovo ad mala“.
Não defendo uma linha linear de pensamento. Não é minha intenção deificar qualquer tema e God is a theme nothing more.

eXiLe ZoNe aKa PoRTaViii já teve dois nomes. Quando iniciei a criação do site chamava-se exilezone. A mudança surge após a audição de um álbum, editado em 1994, do grupo Stoa, intitulado Porta VIII. A música de contornos góticos é sublime, majestosa, perturbadora; e é essa última qualidade que me prendeu. Se o titulo do álbum é simpático a fonte de inspiração é avassaladora: vai “beber” a um trabalho de Maurice Maeterlinck [1862-1949], premiado com o Prémio Nobel em 1911, Ariane et Barbeblue [1901].

Hoje regressa como porta VIII.

outras coisas; so to speak

outras coisas que são de alguma/muita relevância para mim e que aqui se encontram como que ordenadas.

outros locais de mim

cá me podem encontrar onde estou a percorrer o mesmo caminho; a arrotar bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite, e por vezes um até já.

…renúncia / disclaimer

algumas imagens/textos não são da minha autoria. quando isso acontece essa informação é fornecida.
a publicação dessas imagens/textos é apenas para fins informativos, sem fins lucrativos.
se por qualquer razão um autor achar que uma imagem/texto prejudica os seus interesses, agradeço que comunique isso ao autor do blog.

some images/texts are not my own. when this happens the information is provided.
the publication of this images/texts is for information only, not for profit.
if for any reason an author find a image/text that affect his interests, please communicate it to the blog author.


portaviii [at] outlook [dot] pt


flash fiction magazine, história online

30 Dez

Aqui está a minha história online no dia de hoje: a not so usual request

A história já tinha sido inicialmente publicada na antologia The Ironic Fantastic #2, mas como o universo 1.2.rc2 tem muitas histórias envolvidas desejei dar a conhecer a primeira aventura.

the ironic fantastic #3

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Although the release date of The Fantastic Ironic #3 is scheduled to 07/09/2014 I put today a preview link. The objective is to correct potential errors that may still exist despite the reading and rereading. On the scheduled day will be posted the download link.

The download link at Lulu.

The contents:

02 / Sayings and Paintings
:: by Rhys Hughes
05 / Balloom
:: cartoon by Pedro Lopes
06 / Of Those Immortal Dead
:: story by Anatoly Belilovsky
08 / The Mellon Seller
:: story by Rhys Hughes
10 / Obsessa et Capta and the Treasure of Mossu
:: poem by João Matos
11 / Pagliacci
The Manchurian Can’t-i-date
:: stories by Garret Cook
12 / The Orchid Forest
:: story by Michael Bishop
20 / Quote by William Gerhardie
:: illustration by Pedro Lopes (suggested by Ian Towey)
21 / One and Two
:: books revelead
22 / Palms for the Squirrel
:: review by Larry Nolen
23 / Synthetic Saints
:: review by Joe Iconic (Editor’s Choice)
24 / Deconstructing Religion Through Magical Realism
:: essay by Robert Peake
28 / The Artist
:: by Chris Harrendence
29 / Portable Spill
:: invention by Rhys Hughes
30 / Domestica
:: story by Tantra Bensko
31 / A Poem To Tickle
Chris Harrendence
:: poems by Paulo Brito
32 / IC the Static Iron Fan
:: story by Andrew Coulthard
34 / Magic Realism
:: essay by Rhys Hughes
36 / Books and Style
:: with Kseniya Gomzjakova
37 / Am I Stuck Indoors?
:: poem by Fiona Duffin
38 / Networking Rhymes
:: poem by L.t. O’Rourke
40 / Sisters
:: story by Marie Lecrivain
42 / To My Father
:: poem by Fiona Duffin | photo by César Figueiredo
43 / Tube
:: illustration by Win Leerasanthanah
44 / Magical Realism in a Nutshell
:: essay by Dr. Lois Parkinson Zamora
46 / The Gospel of the Hanged
:: review by Larry Nolen (Editor’s Choice)
48 / Into the Spotlight
:: Tartarus Press
50 / Mr. Esgar Acelerado
:: the cover visual artist
52 / Books That You Must Read
:: books that will change your life and books that will make you smarter
54 / Rhys Hughes answers the Usual Questions
:: interview to Rhys Hughes
56 / Quote by Charlotte Brontë
:: photo by Marie Lecrivain
58 / Tree of Wishes
:: photo by Gisela Monteiro
59 / Illustrations
:: by Pedro Carvalho
60 / Illustrations
:: by Carla Rodrigues
61 / Three and Four
:: books revelead
62 / Feather by David Rix
:: Editor’s Choice
63 / Captains Stupendous!
:: by Rhys Hughes
64 / Sun Dancing In Winter
:: story by Fiona Duffin
65 / Alice Reloaded
:: comic by Carla Rodrigues
66 / Family Sunset
:: comic by Win Leerasanthanah
68 / Voyager Portal
:: illustration by Diogo Carvalho
69 / Five and Six
:: books revelead by David Soares
70 / Tallest Stories by Rhys Hughes
:: review by Paulo Brito (Editor’s Choice)
Adjective and Other Stories
:: by Doug Skinner (Editor’s Choice)
76 / D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro
:: photo by Gisela Monteiro
78 / In Search of Mammoths
:: story by Allen Ashley
80 / Songs for the Lost
:: by Alexander Zelenyj (Editor’s Choice)
82 / Drawing out doors: Crow laughs
:: comic by Pedro Lopes
83 / Best of All
:: poem by A. Paul Estabrook
84 / And the Golem Played Jazz
:: story by Mat Joiner
87 / The Girl in Red
:: story by Sissy Pantelis
89 / She Stood as Someone From the Dark
:: poem by A. Paul Estabrook
90 / The Pianist
:: illustration by Hugo Teixeira
91 / Air Coral
:: story by Caleb Wilson
93 / world small
:: poem by Michael H. Hutchins
93 / Geneologic Tree
:: illustration by Hugo Teixeira
94 / Quote by Daniil Kharms
:: photo by César Figueiredo
96 / therapy
:: story by Ian Towey
98 / Being a Zombie is No Picnic (it’s a Smorgasbord)
:: story by Mark Terence Chapman
100 / Aquarium
:: story by Anne E. Johnson
102 / 1978
:: story by Ian Towey
103 / The mePhone
:: story by Boris Glikman
105 / Quote by David Soares
:: illustration by Sebastião Peixoto
106 / Revelata Subterranea
:: poem by Boris Glikman
108 / The Garden or Hayfever!
:: poem by Victor Davidson | illustration by Hugo Teixeira
109 / Old Desires
:: poem by Victor Davidson
110 / Selfillumination
:: image AK3D | André kutscherauer
111 / Being a Vampire Sucks!
:: story by Mark Terence Chapman
113 / Amerika In The Sky (In Memoriam)
:: story by Boris Glikman
116 / The Sub-Basement
:: story by Lou Antonelli
120 / And You Told me Again, You Prefer Handsome Men
:: story by Garrett Cook
122 / Being a Werewolf Bites the Big One
:: story by Mark Terence Chapman
123 / Quote by Gabriel García Márquez
:: photo by David Rix
124 / The Young Generation
:: poem by Victor Davidson | illustration by Win Leerasanthanah
125 / Quote by Stanis?aw Lem
126 / What Is Magical Realism, Really?
:: essay by Bruce Holland Rogers
129 / My Grandad
:: poem by Phil Newman
130 / Quote by Rhys Hughes
:: illustration by Chris Harrendence for Rhys Hughes Gibbon
Moon imprint
131 / Quote by Oscar Wilde
:: illustration by Zeeksie (http://zeeksie.deviantart.com)
132 / Willing to Pass Through
:: poem by A. Paul Estabrook
133 / Cold Teddy
:: a tale by Rhys Hughes
133 / Editor Notes
134 / About You and I
151 / Some books by Rhys Hughes

the ironic fantastic

15 Ago


The IRONIC FANTASTIC is a proposed series of ebook anthologies that will showcase international absurdist, quirky, unusual, whimsical and ironic fiction from new and established writers. Each issue will appear irregularly and it will always be free. This project was inaugurated by the writer Rhys Hughes.

I’m after fantastical/absurdist ‘comedies’ 1000 words or less. By ‘comedies’ I don’t mean that they have to be funny: wistful, thoughtful and droll are fine, so are weird and quirky. I’m thinking of a broader definition of the term, in the same way that Nabokov’s brilliant Laughter in the Dark is a ‘comedy’ but it didn’t make me laugh…

As an example: the early stories of Kafka and Calvino, Bruno Schulz, Hašek, Daniil Kharms, Zamyatin, Pavi?, Queneau, Bulgakov, Boris Vian, etc.

I want ideas! Funny ideas, absurd ideas, intelligently daft ideas! Poetry and images are more than welcome too. So are brief dramatic ‘scenes’.

words by Rhys Hughes

the ironic fantastic #1 & #2


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IronicFantastic

The Ironic Fantastic #1

Download link, here.

The Ironic Fantastic #2

Download link, here.

The Ironic Fantastic #3

the ironic fantastic #3

The Ironic Fantastic #3 will be available in the first week of September, 2014.
The download link at Lulu.

The Ironic Fantastic #4

I will be editing the fourth installment of The Ironic Fantastic. The submission deadline will be September 30. Issue #4 will be a tribute to Lewis Carroll, but all nonsense is welcome. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can start here! http://www.lewiscarroll.org/carroll

Please send all submissions to theironicfantastic4@gmail.com

by Jason E. Rolfe

I am extending the deadline for the Lewis Carroll-inspired issue #4 until the end of October. We are also accepting submissions for issue #5 (early 2015). That will not be a themed issue, so if you have anything ironic and/or fantastic you’d like us to consider, please send it along to either Paulo Brito or Jason Rolfe any time!

by Jason E. Rolfe

Dear Readers and Writers. Personal issues and constraints on time have conspired against me, and have caused a long (and ongoing) delay in the release of the Lewis Carroll issue of Ironic Fantastic. Rest assured that we will get this issue out. In the meantime, a non-themed issue of Ironic Fantastic will be released. Your patience has been duly noted and greatly appreciated! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us directly. If you wish to submit to the NEW next issue of Ironic Fantastic, please do!

by Jason E. Rolfe

The Ironic Fantastic #5

the ironic fantastic #5

The download link at Lulu.

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