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le scat noir #229

09 Nov

O número #229 da revista digital Le Scat Noir Lost and Found“, com trabalhos de Guillaume Apollinaire, Allan Bealy, Norman Conquest, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold Jaffe, Rick Krieger, Michael Leigh, Stephen Mead, Jason E. Rolfe, Paul Rosheim, Doug Skinner, Gertrude Stein, e Carol White, pode ser descarregado aqui.

black scat review #15 – more utter nonsense

26 Mai

BLACK SCAT REVIEW # 15  – More Utter Nonsense foi publicada. Tem uma história minha e dois desenhos (rabiscos).

Stick your fingers in this pie and discover words and pictures by an international web of contributors: Edward Ahern, Paulo Brito, Giada Cattaneo, Norman Conquest, Charles Cros, Falconhead, Farewell Debut, Jkaki M.S. Landgrebe, Michael Leigh, Jason E. Rolfe, Mercie Pedro e Silva, Doug Skinner, and Carla M. Wilson.

This full color, perfect-bound paperback is packed with 78 pages of 100% pure, unadulterated utter nonsense as you’ve never seen before.

Mais informações podem e devem ser obtidas aqui.

this is utter nonsense #9 by black scat books

02 Out

yes, the beer is certified! é uma das histórias que vai ser publicada na antologia This is utter nonsense #9 pela editora Black Scat Books.

A minha história vai partilhar este número com Jake Alexander, Alphonse Allais, Alain Arias-Misson, Mark Axelrod, Norman Conquest, Farewell Debut, Fiona Duffin, Tom La Farge, Allen Forrest, Ryan Forsythe, Eckhard Gerdes, Rhys Hughes, Janne Karlsson, Teri Lee Kline, Richard Kostelanetz, Michael Leigh, Terri Lloyd, David Macpherson, Samantha Memi, Monika Mori, Yarrow Paisley, Bobby Phillips, Jason E. Rolfe, Doug Skinner, Wendy Walker, and Carla M. Wilson.

Sim, vou ter uma história publicada juntamente com o meu autor favorito.

beau présent – second round

24 Ago

Since 08th August. I have try to publish a Beau Présent every single day.

18 – Rhys Hughes and Mark Lewis
19 – Jason E. Rolfe
20 – Mark Andresen
21 – nothing
22 – Adele Whittle
23 – nothing
24 – Hannah Frederika Lawson

I made others Beau Présents but they aren’t published on the site.

beau présent: jason e. rolfe (a new one)

24 Ago

The twelfth (19.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Jason E. Rolfe.

a safe roof.
a real flare.
a feral señor.


See a saloon
near a lane
for roses?
See one rose?
See one rose?

Jason’s an Ares for
…fool foes.
…fear foes.

So Jason earns a floral sea.

the ironic fantastic

15 Ago


The IRONIC FANTASTIC is a proposed series of ebook anthologies that will showcase international absurdist, quirky, unusual, whimsical and ironic fiction from new and established writers. Each issue will appear irregularly and it will always be free. This project was inaugurated by the writer Rhys Hughes.

I’m after fantastical/absurdist ‘comedies’ 1000 words or less. By ‘comedies’ I don’t mean that they have to be funny: wistful, thoughtful and droll are fine, so are weird and quirky. I’m thinking of a broader definition of the term, in the same way that Nabokov’s brilliant Laughter in the Dark is a ‘comedy’ but it didn’t make me laugh…

As an example: the early stories of Kafka and Calvino, Bruno Schulz, Hašek, Daniil Kharms, Zamyatin, Pavi?, Queneau, Bulgakov, Boris Vian, etc.

I want ideas! Funny ideas, absurd ideas, intelligently daft ideas! Poetry and images are more than welcome too. So are brief dramatic ‘scenes’.

words by Rhys Hughes

the ironic fantastic #1 & #2


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IronicFantastic

The Ironic Fantastic #1

Download link, here.

The Ironic Fantastic #2

Download link, here.

The Ironic Fantastic #3

the ironic fantastic #3

The Ironic Fantastic #3 will be available in the first week of September, 2014.
The download link at Lulu.

The Ironic Fantastic #4

I will be editing the fourth installment of The Ironic Fantastic. The submission deadline will be September 30. Issue #4 will be a tribute to Lewis Carroll, but all nonsense is welcome. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can start here! http://www.lewiscarroll.org/carroll

Please send all submissions to theironicfantastic4@gmail.com

by Jason E. Rolfe

I am extending the deadline for the Lewis Carroll-inspired issue #4 until the end of October. We are also accepting submissions for issue #5 (early 2015). That will not be a themed issue, so if you have anything ironic and/or fantastic you’d like us to consider, please send it along to either Paulo Brito or Jason Rolfe any time!

by Jason E. Rolfe

Dear Readers and Writers. Personal issues and constraints on time have conspired against me, and have caused a long (and ongoing) delay in the release of the Lewis Carroll issue of Ironic Fantastic. Rest assured that we will get this issue out. In the meantime, a non-themed issue of Ironic Fantastic will be released. Your patience has been duly noted and greatly appreciated! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us directly. If you wish to submit to the NEW next issue of Ironic Fantastic, please do!

by Jason E. Rolfe

The Ironic Fantastic #5

the ironic fantastic #5

The download link at Lulu.


beau présent: jason e. rolfe

09 Ago

@LadyFii discovered that an anagram of my name is equal to: Oulipo Brat

So I will post, just for fun, some Oulipo stuffs.

The first (28.06.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Jason E. Rolfe.

a feral
a real
of soja!

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