rum humour rum humor by thaddeus lovecraft

You want HUMOUR, or even humour, or only HuMouR, or humor, or for the most exquisite hUmOUr this is the book for all of you?

An what you will get?

  • humour
  • HuMouR
  • humor
  • hUmOUr


bloody war by terry grimwood

Bloody War by Terry Grimwood, published by Eibonvale Press is a book with a dystopian, totally exciting and very well structured story. Terry Grimwood, creates from page to page one too real imaginary world. Is not a pleasant book, but since when is the war pleasing?

The main character, Pete Allman, leads us in his arms to a hell of doubt, turns, twists and turns and force us to think.

Bloody War is so well written, well structured, so brutal that it’s an insult compares it to 1984, only because “yes“.

Everyone should read this book; is bloody good!

moonshine express

This time I will start by the publisher.

Eibonvale Press has been a surprise at all levels. Graphically has offered books without taints, everything is designed in detail – attractive and seductive. The stuffing, composed of the words is better than any liqueur. Eibonvale Press has transformed the book into a work of art. Another interesting detail is the opportunity of providing the reader with numbered editions and other pearls.

In the case of the book Moonshine Express by Poppet have, we have not only a numbered book, but also a letter and a pin; this is more than awesome.

moonshine express, the letter

And as for the book?
A story, told in two hands, full of wonderful words, where each sentence is packed with poetry. The narration in the first person brings another taste to the story and the ending is not an ending, but the beginning of all – wonderful.

moonshine express, the letter

the scarlet jaguar

When we last saw Patricia Wildman, daughter of Doc Wildman, the bronze champion of justice, six months had passed since the main events of The Evil in Pemberley House. She and her associate Parker, an ex-Scotland Yard Inspector, had set up Empire State Investigations at her Pemberley House estate—and she just received a mysterious phone call from her supposedly late father…

Meteor House

Uma aventura pulp sumarenta… saliente.

sign version

Divertida, relaxante.

my name on the list

A aventura, as personagens, a arte por Mark Sparacio, o ambiente – cativante!

sleepless knights by mark h. williams

When I asked Ian Martin if the book Sleepless Knights by Mark H. Williams was good he threw a “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! of course!” And since he’s the ultimate expression of impartiality I in bona fide bought the book.

Well, well… I should have suspected that three Yeah! were suspected. But since the guilt is always of the butler and never of Ian I begin reading the book. After I finished reading the first chapter I concluded that Ian was wrong: we need more that three Yeah! and the “of course!is nothing.

The book is really, but really, really good. It’s mega-super-addictive. A delusional story, full of action, humor. Memorable characters. And so well written.

I can not accept that the book just have miserable 400 pages. Sorry, but i must say yes to a sequel, a prequel or some other quel.

“a sombra da águia”, por arturo pérez-reverte

Em “A Sombra da Águia”, por Arturo Pérez-Reverte temos um livro de um grande contador de histórias, mas um livro que nos fala da morte, da guerra e com imenso humor. Dei imensas gargalhadas a ler este pequeno GRANDE romance.

A Sombra da Águia, que Arturo Pérez-Reverte publicou em 1993 nas páginas do El País sob a forma de folhetim, e que se encontrava até hoje inédita em Portugal, é, na sua aparente simplicidade, uma das obras que melhor espelha o virtuosismo literário do seu autor, o seu sentido de humor e a sua fidelidade aos grandes temas do ser humano, como a guerra, o heroísmo anónimo e a noção de Pátria. A história é baseada num acontecimento real: em 1812, durante a Campanha da Rússia, num combate adverso para as tropas napoleónicas, um batalhão de antigos prisioneiros espanhóis, alistados à força no exército francês, tenta desertar, passando-se para os russos. Interpretando erroneamente o movimento, o Imperador encara-o como um acto de heroísmo e envia em seu auxílio uma carga de cavalaria que terá consequências imprevisíveis.

Porto Editora

É uma edição da Porto Editora de 2009 e comprada a mais que saldo.

Pintura por Louis-François Lejeune: “Napoleão na Batalha de Borodino”.

the strange abnormalities of stringent, the last review

The last book by Rhys Hughes, “The Strange Abnormalities of Stringent”, is in fact a asset to any head. It’s like a fly in a soup plate – a new ingredient.

And, since, any powerful mind constantly needs a steady flow of knowledge to be free from the shackles of lethargy this book provides everything: action, adventure, mystery, suspense, twists, turns, science fiction, eroticism, dinosaurs. There is no program on the Discovery channel that provides so much information, misinformation, philosophy, metaphysics – ufa!

With “The Strange Abnormalities of Stringent” Rhys Hughes goes further and drags, so audacious, into the book the reader as part of the story in a way that has never been done.

after reading 125 pages of

after reading 125 pages of the book “the strange abnormalities of stringent”

This book even dares break the barriers of space-time; some times hugs, other times attacks the “hole argument”. Be aware, howsoever, that the book isn’t a hole but one whole!

This book:

  • improves the quality of your life;
  • gives you better mood;
  • is creamy and smooth;
  • provides more satisfaction than a ménage à trois, or in other words drinking beer by three;

Unfortunately we can not make a good stew with it, if it were possible it would be using the book to the maximum power of 0.99% (you see the use of the word “it” three times in a sentence!).

At last but not least Stringent absolutely declines any responsibility regarding any usage whatsoever that you may come across with.


the strange abnormalities of stringent

Here I will start with my online and in almost real time review of the book “The Strange Abnormalities of stringent” by Rhys Hughes. It will be a noble review, with jumps and bumps – as it should be! And will be a review with more than 1000 words… of course.

12h40 – the book has not yet arrived.
14h45 – I asked my mother to call me if I received a parcel from abroad.
15h42 – she has not yet called me.

the strange abnormalities of stringent

the strange abnormalities of stringent… in style!

Further information will be made as comments and down here.

18:10 – My mother fell asleep. And don’t realize that the postman had left a package for me. It’s the mania of the Spanish siesta. I went to check … is the book.
18:15 – I was upset with her. But she told me in double interrogation: “what’s your problem? How could you have started reading the book where you were?” I attacked with a exclamation “This was a disappointment my mother!”
18h16 – I shook my head 10 times.
18h18 – My mother does not understand me! I do not understand my mother and I know her from inside and outside.
18h25 – I went to take a picture … for the style.
18h30 – I’m tired and sweating. The excitement gives me hot flushes. Am I in some sort of male version of menopause?
18h40 – I started drinking a Westmalle Trapist. And I’m looking at the book. I think I’ll just read the book at night.


the strange abnormalities of stringent

Still on 07.08.2013

22h05 – I lay down on in the bed.
22h06 – I rub the buttocks on the mattress until they are well packed.
22h10 – I am adequately acclimated: candles broadcast a shimmering, creamy and fragrant atmosphere. In another situation I, also, have switched a red light – but I will not have sex with the book … dah!
22h15 – I love the smell of a new book in the morning… at night.
22h17 – I look at the primate of the cover and the idea that I’ve been lately finding many monkeys, especially political monkeys, puts me glum.
22h30 – I reread the title and the word “stringent” makes me think of oranges, and I don’t know why!
22h31 – I’m now in the kitchen squeezing lemons for lemonade – I’m without oranges.
22h40 – I lay down on in the bed.
22h41 – The cover is spectacular. Congratulations to Keith Howell.
22h43 – I stop while reading the phrase “16: capricornus” – wtf I’m Leo!
22h46 – Upset I put the book in my belly and I end up falling asleep.

at 08.08.2013

02h15 – I woke up with a monkey staring at me. Nothing unusual, considering that I already woke up with “things” that I don’t know how I carried to bed. It was 02h15 that my eyes saw on the watch display, or it was the time that the brain assimilated – my life is a constant dichotomy.
02h30 – We are undoubtedly facing a book that not only forced the author to an intense research, listen to these words “Pratt & Whitney R-1830 14-cylinder radial engine”, but also reveals that he’s a traveled man, certainly already has made even sexual tourism, when inform the reader that French prostitutes are good. France a country with a good production of prostitutes and other wonders, such as the Louvre, the Seine River and the historic Battle of Waterloo – amazing! This book promises good surprises.

and continuing

Some unexpected visitors were amazed by discovering a ape speaking. I do not know the reason for the astonishment – frankly! There is more disturbing to see a man like Tarzan played by Johnny Weissmuller talk like a monkey! What would say Edgar Rice Burroughs of this ridiculous mess made with his literary creation.

and finis

The daily task of reporting the reading is too much for me. I would advise you to read the book, it is an asset to any head.

the strange abnormalities of stringent

the strange abnormalities of stringent | page 103


After reading so many books most of them do not provide any surprise.
Of course now I demand from a book much more than I required a few years ago. And it was spectacular that “Schadenfreude” by Chris Kelso has astonished me positively. It is a book that don’t leave me indifferent – one great good thing!

“Books are well written or badly written. That is all.” – “Schadenfreude” by Chris Kelso is well written, period.

And why it continues on my bedside table to be re-read from time to time? As Kafka said “I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we are reading doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for? …” – that’s why!

It was one of the best purchases of this year.

a porta dos infernos

A Porta dos Infernos por Laurent Gaudé (edição pela Porto Editora) foi lido no decorrer do dia de ontem. É um daqueles livros que tinha para ler e que era preterido em relação a outros.

Já sabia antes de o começar a ler que ia gostar dele, não sabia que seria uma leitura vertiginosa. A Porta dos Infernos é um livro sobre a morte, o desespero, o esquecimento, a fragilidade dos sentimentos, mas acima de tudo sobre a importância da vida. Não me deixou indiferente; é um livro muito bem escrito e profundamente perturbador.

O Pintor de Batalhas por Arturo Pérez-Reverte foi outros dos livros que me conseguiu abalar – no bom sentido. Contudo A Porta dos Infernos é uma leitura mais sufocante.

E estas palavras ditas por Schmidt no filme “About Schmidt” podem quase explicar um pouco do que foi lido.

Relatively soon, I will die. Maybe in 20 years, maybe tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. Once I am dead and everyone who knew me dies too, it will be as though I never existed. What difference has my life made to anyone. None that I can think of. None at all.

About Schmidt