i don’t love that he gets in me

I don’t love that he gets in me;
I don’t love that he strolls in me;
I don’t love that he has fun in me;
Him? He loves to get in and out of me:
without remorse, without morality.
But today I decided to take back the possession of the key for me:
I killed him.
And, now, I love to be eating him piece by piece into me.

He woke up next to her, and still experienced that visceral thrill of being not just accepted and wanted, but loved.
Theories of Flight de Simon Morden (página 110)

honey bee

‘Honey bee do you want make love?’
‘Hell NO! I don’t want to spend more time around the stove.’
‘Ah! What! So…’
‘I want sex, wild sex…’

blue sparkles de sissy pantelis e vurore

blue sparkles

here I am

I usually read accompanied by the sound of good music. I almost always choose between a touch of jazz by the master Chet Baker or I lazily listen to the Stabat Mater of Dvořák. After all they are the CDs that are almost stapled to my old CD player. These musical choices did not work with Blue Sparkles by Sissy Pantelis. So, I read the book without sound and then in the second passage through the final lap – kaaapooooom, I chose Wrath of the Lich King (OST) for a new reading – magic!

… odd thoughts …

  • In the two spreads in which the prince ventures with his mother the rags of the fog create an atmosphere of perfect melancholy – secrecy.
  • The prince’s mount, “a bird” has brought memories of World of Warcraft. How can I ever forget the gryphons of the Alliance!
  • After the talk with Feather-Horn we have three spreads with so many, but so many details – delicious – that they alone raise the bar of what can be expected. Is the step bigger than the leg? No, it was not.
  • Throughout the book one can discover immense references to works of fantasy, just throw the cards and be very careful with the queen of hearts.
  • We have Firework Dancers, Pixies and even an owl piper. Ah! And Swan Knights… So much visual detail that each spread should be read-seen-seen-read repeatedly (loop-on mode) so that nothing gets lost – okay?
  • I do not know how the collaboration between the artist and the writer was; maybe healthily sick? Watch the first panel of the story; in the anguish of the mushrooms; how much they suffer from the fiddly music of the frogs – brilliant!
  • Individualized balloons that make the characters’ voices different.
  • The moon red spread is abysmal.

Blue Sparkles is a musical book. Mysterious. A kaleidoscope of text, image and sound. Venetian masks, apple, shoe, Hansel, snow, red hood, crows – explosion. TAM. TAM. TAM.

If I already loved Sissy, the inclusion of crows was a tasty “Nevermooorrre” that made me smile with my mouth open. Dear Poe.

TAM. TAM. TAM. And the drums come to life and set the pace. TAM. TAM. TAM, in the background. Here I go to the end of a love story … Will a good story have an unfortunate end? End. Beginning. Perfidia. Mistake. Con. End of the nightmare, perhaps? Intermezzo and opening of a new chapter with a rainbow that reminds me of the Bifrost bridge, but without the presence of the mighty Heimdall.

TAM. TAM. TAM. Books inside a book and we have a wonderful library, naturally full with books, but equally filled with the tree of knowledge and a cat and a rabbit, too – Alice where are you?

A book that I read quickly, but that should be slowly tasted as a dream of a summer night, right brother Oberon?

Here are my loose and incoherent thoughts. I can do much more with a story full of changes, turns, with the introduction of details and more details and more characters around the corner.

Blue Sparkles with texts by Sissy Pantelis and drawings by Vurore is a mesmerizing book. As hypnotizing as that brown butterfly that flies through the book spying the unfolding of the story

Are beauty and love not the most powerful magic?” – yes and also good books.

love me

‘Love me.’
‘Sorry, I don’t want to miss the train.’

Esta história de 10 palavras foi submetida e aceite para publicação.

melodious interview to teri lee kline


Just knowing Teri Lee Kline by what she writes is easy to see that she’s full of vitality, humanity and with a heart of an intoxicating sweetness. She is also a writer that can, easily, dazzled me. See, for instance, the work “Snakes At His Feet”.

A while ago I did a little acrostic with the word Teri, and here it is:
Today we
embrace with
rejoicing the
illuminated presence of Teri Lee Kline.

1. Do you have a specific writing style?

My writing is intensely personal. I try to go directly to the heart of the matter. This is especially important, for obvious reasons, in very short fiction. This does hold true for me, however, regardless of the form I am utilizing. My longer fiction, creative non-fiction, journalistic pieces and even the interviews I conduct have this as the hallmark, as well. My heart is forever on my sleeve for all to see.

2. What books have most influenced your life?

When, in my youth, I read To Kill a Mockingbird and The Grapes of Wrath I was unalterably set on a course to view the world in a certain way. They were monumental books for my education and evolving character. Then, as a teenager, reading To The Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway, The Waves, A Room of One’s Own, I was blown away with the possibilities in language, words, and literature. It was after reading these Virginia Woolf classics that I began my lifelong love affair with reading and writing. Lastly, James Agee’s A Death in the Family, my favorite novel, taught me about writing from the truest depth of my heart, how to evoke mood, and power. Phenomenal book.

3. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I consider teachers, more than other writers, my mentors. I had a teacher in my youth, Mrs. Delphine Johnson, who recognized in me an innate talent for expressing myself through the written word. She was the first to identify this and encouraged me throughout my school years. My English professor at the University of Minnesota worked endlessly with me and was at my side when I won the Best Freshman Writer scholarship that year. I will never forget these teachers. Of late, a dear friend, Jason Rolfe, encouraged me to submit my work for publication. He is a wonderful writer, mentor and mensch! I am forever indebted to him.

4. What are your current projects?

I always have several projects brewing at any given moment. Presently, I am collecting my very short fiction pieces and will begin the process of looking for a publisher. I am also at work on a book length project about very small towns of the world. I also love conducting interviews and doing profiles of writers and artists. I usually have one of those in the works. I would love to start my own journal of food related fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and photography. I’m working towards that goal, as well.

5. How much research do you do?

It depends on the project, but I normally choose projects that do not require much research.

6. Do you write full-time or part-time?

I write as often as I can. My notebook is ever ready.

7. Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas come from many places: my observations of people, from observing nature, from my dreams, from stories in the news. Most often my best ideas come to me when I am in that blessed and magical state between wakefulness and sleep. It is usually in moments of silence that my muse speaks.

8. How can readers discover more about you and you work?

I have found Facebook and Twitter to be useful tools for connecting with readers and especially with other writers and artists. My posts are generally very personal in nature. People respond well to this and for this I am pleased and grateful. I am quite new to the world of publishing so therefore do not have a long list of credits. I was very happy to be featured on the pages of Literary Orphans multiple times, Sein und Werden and also, the Utter Nonsense issue of the international journal of experimental and absurdist literature and art, The Black Scat Review.

what the giants were saying by david rix

What the Giants Were Saying is accompanied here by the shorter work that inspired it, Red Fire, a piece that pushes the boundaries of extreme horror into a visionary and surreal world of love and pain, great white moths and tattooed skin, and above all, into the world of story itself.

Eibonvale Press

What the Giants Were Saying, with a perfect set up and with a great structure, is a strange story about domination and guilty, about dreams and fear, about pain, about hell and anguish, about refuge: no salvation, no cure. What the Giants Were Saying is a trip in your mind. Is deep, complex and multi-layered. Lots to take in, lots to read again and enjoy.

David Rix takes things to the extreme. It’s delightful how the story constantly establishes new points without ever getting monotonous. It gets hard to believe that the ending will be able to explain everything and I start speculate about that there can only be one possible conclusion for all the events – no conclusion at all.

To me the biggest achievement of the book is, that it’s never creepy just for the sake of freaking the reader out; every line has its purpose. Nonetheless, it is a very disturbing, but also compelling and mesmerized, book.

facts about me

Facts about me:

paulo, cabeça

o que vai dentro da minha cabeça (versão 1.0)

  1. I’m very calm, except when I get mad.
  2. Yes, I earn my living making fun of nuns and I have already bought a cottage in Sawsea – praise the LORD.
  3. I do not personally know Rhys Hughes and I’m frightened to meet him in person; I’m sure he’s going to give me the tango. And I think I haven’t enough space at home to keep the tango alive.
  4. I love the PETA moto (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the PETA moto (People Eating Tasty Animals) – yes, I feed myself of sophists dialectic.
  5. I don’t like football, but if some salad have balls of cheddar cheese I will lick the balls.

for 5 days 3 positive things of my life

I’ve been nominated by Rhys Hughes to post for 5 days 3 positive things of my life

My 3 positives for day 1 are:
  1. I’m a human fan, not a electric one, of Rhys Hughes: the one writer who truly made a difference in my life.
  2. I finished reading a new story: “Trolls de Troy -18- Pröfy Blues”
  3. The barber shave me. I did not recognize myself in the mirror. I shouted. He yelled. The cat ran away. No mirror broke.
My 3 positives for day 2 are:
  1. I hired a goblin to clean my glasses. I now see a more colorful world. I go, however, constantly against the poles – a painful side effect.
  2. When I was 15 years I went for the last time to a witch she told me and to my mother that I had an open body. However I don’t find nothing abnormal with my body, except a huge appetite for knowledge.
  3. I had a vasectomy in 2010. The good thing about this is that I can sin without fertilize. The negative: have been surrounded by so many nurses I could not have since that date more sexual fetishes with nurses.
My 3 positives for day 3 are:

eu a true nerd

a true nerd!

  1. I had an enormous lucky to have outstanding grandmothers and grandfathers. My grandmother, by my father side, was a devout Christian. Every holy Sunday I went with her to the church, but I disliked going to the church and I pass the time counting how many bald heads where in the church. Now I have also a bald head but I am not part of any statistics.
  2. One day I told to my daughter that I don’t have a zero in the head but a airfield. She, then, glued on my head a plane toy. I was the proud owner of a portable airfield.
  3. Today I lost weight. I’m so happy. Now I can tell that I walk and not roll. Wait, what I see so far away but getting closer? Oh! Is my weight, I didn’t know that my weigh was equipped with GPS.
My 3 positives for day 4 are:
  1. I love beer. So I drink beer, like right now
  2. My son is at home. We are now all together, the four. A gestalt family.
  3. Tomorrow is the day before holidays!
My 3 positives for day 5 are:
  1. I love my wife Carla Carvalho Faria and my daughter and my son, and my mother and my father and all you that know that I love you.
  2. Like Jason E. Rolfe I have a sister. Is only one but she is equal to seven sisters. Thanks Glória Brito. Without you I am not me.
  3. I’m so luck to have virtual meet so amazing people like Rhys Hughes, Jason E. Rolfe, David Rix, Fiona Duffin, Adele Whittle, Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas, Ian Towey, Mercie Pedro E Silva, Sissy Pantelis, Carlos Rocha, Garrett Cook, Brendan Connell, Gisela Monteiro and many others (I only use the left side). I’ve meet equal nice and good people like César Figueiredo, Diogo Carvalho, Hugo Teixeira, Susana Leite and many, many others – all of you can turn my gloomy days into sunny days. Because all of you are so fascinating and true people.
    1. A special thanks to my dear friend Hugo Cardoso
    2. A special hug to my like sons Jorge Dias and Patrícia Marques and a big kiss to the mother of this two Lurdes Marques. And I miss you so much my forever friend Jorge Dias, the father.
    3. I know I miss someone but you know I love you, and you and you…


BLACK SCAT BOOKS is the only concern of its kind in America. It was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 by artists Norman Conquest and Farewell Debut.

We are a small, independent, not-for-profit press dedicated to publishing books of sublime art & literature—eccentric visuals & obscure texts, absurdist fiction, experimental visions, surrealism, ancient erotica, pataphysics, and works in translation. Our Absurdist Texts & Documents series features limited editions designed to disrupt, disorient, and smash boundaries—academic, cultural, literary, and philosophical.

We also publish an international magazine of the arts, Black Scat Review, which appears irregularly in both print and digital editions.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we employ several quality Print-On-Demand (POD) services. We believe POD represents the future of publishing in America. It expands the selection of books and increases the potential audience beyond the walls of the corporate monopoly.

Authors receive payment in copies only. Profits from sales are recycled to help fund future publications.

We hope you’ll support our efforts by purchasing Black Scat Books.

Black Scat Books

Unbelievable. I have a story accepted for the Issue #8: “Seduction” of the magazine Black Scat Review.