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snapback scuttler

02 Fev

E mais uma.

elusive quickhoof

26 Jan

Uma das mounts mais divertidas do jogo até à data.

caravan hyena

21 Jan

This handsome hyena is the racial mount of the Vulpera allied race, though it is usable by all Horde players on your account. You receive this mount when you unlock the Vulpera allied race by recruiting them to the Horde. Its canopy can be attached or removed by interacting with a Caravaneer’s Pack at a Vulpera camp, which is created by the Vulpera racial ability Make Camp.

Warcraft Mounts

captured swampstalker

10 Jan

Mais outra mount – actualmente 294.

duas novas

01 Jan

Mais duas novas mounts.

minion of grumpus

29 Dez

Foi fácil, pimba logo na quinta caixa!

red primal raptor

18 Dez

E de um ovo saiu ele…

darkwater skate

08 Dez

Little is known about this elusive species of ray, found only in the dark waters surrounding Darkmoon Island.

Warcraft Mounts

mottled meadowstomper

08 Dez

The elekk’s long trunk allows it to sniff out sources of food, avoid danger, and steal snacks from your bags when you’re not looking.

Warcraft Mounts

siltwing albatross

08 Dez

One of the rarest of birds seen on the islands of the Great Sea, and a prized possession amongst traders, if they can capture it.

Warcraft Mounts

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