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beau présent – first round

19 Ago

Since 08th August. I have publish a Beau Présent every single day.

08 – Ian Towey
09 – Fiona Duffin
10 – Nina Vangerow
11 – Sissy Pantelis
12 – Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (Spanish version)
13 – Ricardo Acevedo Esplugas (English version), Amira Ana Amyth and Kseniya Gomzjakova
14 – David Rix
15 – Garrett Cook and Gio Clairval
16 – Tseng Lan Hui
17 – Hugo Cardoso and Roshi Khji

I made others Beau Présents but they aren’t published on the site.

Time to another round – I think!!

beau présent: nina vangerow

15 Ago

‘cause @LadyFii I create a Twitter account.
She find that an anagram of my name is equal to: Oulipo Brat

So I will post/tweet, just for fun, some Oulipo stuffs.

The fourth (10.08.2014) is a Beau Présent that I made for Nina Vangerow.

An organ groan a warning.
I ignore.
A raven wing a warning.
I ignore.
A near river wave a warning.
I ear… I ignore.
Again. Again. I ignore; wrong!

A ravage ravine I gain. In gore I gone.
I now own a grave; a not warn one; a grin, a noir one.
I now reign over a growing inner rage.

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