le scat noir #229

O número #229 da revista digital Le Scat Noir Lost and Found“, com trabalhos de Guillaume Apollinaire, Allan Bealy, Norman Conquest, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold Jaffe, Rick Krieger, Michael Leigh, Stephen Mead, Jason E. Rolfe, Paul Rosheim, Doug Skinner, Gertrude Stein, e Carol White, pode ser descarregado aqui.

black scat review #17

Yes, Virginia, Black Scat Review does DADA FORGERY. But is it anti-art?

You be the judge.

#17 is loaded with incendiary art & texts by Captain Anonymous, David Moscovich, Tristan Tzara, Anna Keeler, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Karl Waldmann, Ruth Crossman, Norman Conquest, Paulo Brito, Harry McCullagh, Michael Leigh, Gregory Autry Wallace, Eîlot Tuerie, Terri Lloyd, Doug Skinner, and Joseph Heathcott.

This is the last issue of BSR and a fitting finale it is. Don’t miss this one, folks, it’s destined to wind up a collector’s item on the ash heap of art history.
from Black Scat Books

Black Scat Books

Aqui está outro excelente número da Black Scat Review. A minha contribuição foi feita na forma de duas brincadeiras visuais.

war and penis

War and Penis (the project) was the name given by Norman Conquest to the above manipulation.
I’ve made several visual jokes.

This one below… the last one.

penis synchronization

penis synchronization

oulipo pornobongo anthology of erotic wordplay

Our three, limited edition volumes of the Anthology of Erotic Wordplay are out of print and scarce. Now the complete set has been compiled into one juicy paperback edition—Illustrated in shocking full color. This is the book collectors have been drooling for.
Discover inspired works of constrained ecstasy by Alphonse Allais, Alain Arias-Misson, Paulo Brito, Norman Conquest, Rusty Cuffs, Farewell Debut, Tom La Farge, Larry Fondation, Paul Forristal, Ryan Forsythe, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold Jaffe, Roger Leatherwood, D.S. Macpherson, Samantha Memi, Ellen Nations, Opal Louis Nations, Andy O’Clancy, Lance Olsen, Derek Pell, Shane Roeschlein, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Maria Schurr, Lucy Selleck, Kebob G. Shoon, Doug Skinner, Tara Stillions Whitehead, and Giovanni Zuniga.
It’s a veritable orgy of art, text, and Oulipian mischief.

Black Scat Books

Três em um. Excelente!

oulipo pornobongo

Sigam este link para a compra.

black scat review #15 – more utter nonsense

BLACK SCAT REVIEW # 15  – More Utter Nonsense foi publicada. Tem uma história minha e dois desenhos (rabiscos).

Stick your fingers in this pie and discover words and pictures by an international web of contributors: Edward Ahern, Paulo Brito, Giada Cattaneo, Norman Conquest, Charles Cros, Falconhead, Farewell Debut, Jkaki M.S. Landgrebe, Michael Leigh, Jason E. Rolfe, Mercie Pedro e Silva, Doug Skinner, and Carla M. Wilson.

This full color, perfect-bound paperback is packed with 78 pages of 100% pure, unadulterated utter nonsense as you’ve never seen before.

Black Scat Books

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rear windows – one photo

Rear Windows: An Inside Look at Fifty Film Noir Classics por Norman Conquest …
… uma foto para mostrar os meus talentos(?) como criador de cenários. Ou nem isso.

the neglected works of norman conquest

I found it entertaining. I am a fan of good ideas and good satire.

the neglected works of norman conquest

the neglected works of norman conquest

This book is definitely for me. The plot is unexplainable, but the jokes aren’t.

rear windows: an inside look at fifty film noir classics

Rear Windows: An Inside Look at Fifty Film Noir Classics por Norman Conquest is very over the top (or under the belly).
Someone may think that a support group might be necessary for those subjected to the visions that took place in this book – not me! As for me I love it. I missed however some music and sound effects (a valuable tool for this unique genre).

It is a book of windows and prisons. Worth a shot! Or better several… It was a gem.

burn this book by norman conquest

I didn’t burn the book. Why?
It is so funny, and I need things to make me laugh.