“You! What are you doing here?”
“I’m walking to Shawford.”
“It’s where I’m from.”
“But what are you doing here?”
“I’m walking to Shawford. Is there a problem?”
“This area and the bay is protected land. You can’t come here.”
“It’s protected land inside the fence. I’m outside.”
“But you’re near the fence!”
“But not inside it.”
“You’re looking inside!”
“I’m not walking inside.”
People have seen you and complained!”
“I don’t think I can do anything about that.”
The two guards hesitated. Technically this was true; Theo could not stop people of looking, if looking was what they choose to do. Then the woman exclaimed, struck by a bright idea, “We’ll walk with you!”
84k by Claire North (page 216 and 217)
He was masterful in feeling nothing. It was what he did best. He had cultivated the art over nearly fifteen years.
Having no idea what to do with himself, he did as he always did and on Monday morning went to work.
84k by Claire North (page 17)


(…) Death is not a thing to fear, but is life’s mirror, reminding us to live, live, live, and I am honoured, I am so honoured to travel the world and see that the world is a place of people, and to be alive with them, living with them, even at the end.
The End of the Day by Claire North (page 264)


“And have you seen people die?”
“You’re the Harbinger of Death and you haven’t seen people die?”
“No. I go before.”
The End of the Day by Claire North (page 12)


(…) Where they trying to hit us?”
The driver shook his head, spreading his arms wide, no words left on his white-dust lips, his bright-red eyes. There was nothing here, not a living thing worth killing, not a crop to uproot not a hut to demolish, only dust and the smell of hot metal. Somewhere, someone who couldn’t see his target had opened fire on nothingness, and where there had been nothing before, now even less of nothing remained.
The End of the Day by Claire North (page 149)


‘Death is Death.’
‘You say that a lot.’
‘Sorry, I didn’t mean… It’s… Everyone lives and everyone dies. The world changes, and it’s the world, and I will live and I will die and… Do you want to talk about something else?’
The End of the Day by Claire North (page 87)


Mama Sakinai? My name is Charlie, I’m the Harbinger of Death. I’ve brought some whiskey.
The End of the Day by Claire North (page 7)


Consequences are only for the one who stay behind.
Touch by Claire North (page 76)


You do not sleep on a sleeper train, but rather doze in and out of a fitful sense of unconsciousness, aware that this is not awareness, that the thoughts with which you think this are not thoughts at all, and so infused with so profound and understanding of your condition, you sleep to wake again ignorant that you slept at all.
Touch by Claire North (page 41)


He woke up next to her, and still experienced that visceral thrill of being not just accepted and wanted, but loved.
Theories of Flight de Simon Morden (página 110)