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lol, camouflage 8.0 – the steps

20 Out

lol goes up the stairs … 1, 2, 3, 4, 34 … He is 10 meters above the ground – verticality. Once he reaches the platform he travels its six meters of length. Inhales, exhales, inhales, sighs. He turns his back. lol is standing perched on the edge of the platform. He takes a deep breath. He boosts himself and jumps. And so we see him travelling in seconds the distance to the water with his legs bent, glued to his chest and his arms holding his shins. At the last moment he opens himself up in such a disorderly manner that the aim of entering the liquid in blue at a 90 degree angle falls apart. He plummets (a perfect “belly-flop”) into the water in a cross position: arms open, legs open – X marks the SPLASH!

[… an excerpt …]

wall and pool

16 Ago

Na Quinta de Gatão.


20 Ago

the third floors slippers. the effect of turmoil in the photo was placed with a reason. when after a dip in the pool the first thing i see are these slippers i was stupefied.


13 Set

sun hat in the pool. ideal place to read a book after a wet diving.

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