submachine 2: the lighthouse

Descobri no meio de outras imagens o mapa do jogo Submachine 2: The Lighthouse que criei já há algum tempo.

A sequel to the world’s famous point and click Submachine game, that grabbed minds of millions of people. I received huge feedback from all around the world, most of the demands stated to make the second game bigger with harder puzzles. So here it is, while the first game had 20 rooms, this one has a total of 98 unique rooms, and the puzzles are a lot tougher, but that’s just my subjective opinion, since I can’t really tell if they are or not. Important notice: this game has NO dead ends, you cannot get to the point of no return, where the only option is to reset the game. No such thing in the Lighthouse. Hope you’ll enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it, and sure enough, submachine3 is under construction as we speek, so expect more.

Copyright by Mateusz Skutnik

submachine 0: the ancient adventure

Continuando a saga da série Submachine apresento o mapa do episódio Submachine 0: the Ancient Adventure.
Esta aventura, apesar de muito mais pequena, não deixa de ser cativante.

Cortesia da porta VIII, o mapa pode ser descarregado através deste link…

Copyright by Mateusz Skutnik

submachine 1: the basement

paxo: jogas wow e ainda
perdes tempo
com outros jogos?!

Após ter navegado pelo site de Wada Che Nanahiro pesquisei um pouco por jogos semelhantes e descobri verdadeiras pérolas. Bons fenómenos.
O site Pastel Stories é um achado.

I’m an architect. I graduated from the Department of Architecture at the Technical University in Gdansk, Poland. Lately I went back to calling myself an architect, but in a completely different meaning than you could think of. I’m a flash games architect, I design gameplay, structure, I write action script codes to make games work, and finally I design all the graphics I use in my games. My best known game so far is Submachine. Since 2005 this game became an internet phenomenon, gaining each year more devoted fans than anything I created before in my entire life.

Vale a pena descobrir os jogos disponíveis.
O submachine chaper 1: the basement é um bom começo de pura diversão para os amantes de puzzles.
E já agora deixo-vos com o mapa do puzzle.

Copyright by Mateusz Skutnik